#TEDxAccra2015 Speakers: Sheila Aboagye Profiled

Sheila AboagyeSheila Aboagye is speaker number 13, delivering a TEDx talk at the National Theatre on 11th April, 2015.  Sheila is a young passionate lady who sees Africa as a continent making positive impacts and serving as a turning point for many young ones. Of course, she believes it is the responsibility of the youth to take up the challenge and actualize these opportunities to favour themselves and subsequent generations. She has over the years being involved in child and youth volunteering opportunities through training, community involvement and technological advancement. Her expertise has landed her international opportunities to share her view of the dreams of Ghana to the world. She likes to tour, play video games and hangout with children. Sheila believes in Africa, Sheila believes in the African child, Sheila believes the world is yet to fully discover what’s hidden in the minds and hearts of young entrepreneurs from Africa.

Why you should listen to her talk?

I see a continent full of opportunities, I see a country full of ideas and I see a target group ready to hatch and deliver. I stand for possibilities, I stand for achievements and I stand for a generation of possibilities.

To be outstanding one needs to be surrounded by dreamers, implementers and time managers. The world is running at a faster pace and as challenged as we are we need such a forum to remind ourselves that, together we can make this happen.

Imagine all speakers forming one united front. Imagine you and I standing firm for truth and transparency. There is nothing we cannot achieve.

This is a place of possibility, this is a future changing generation and I believe our voices and ideas will match up to see a better future for all of us.


Sheila favourite quote: Keep doing you.

Reach Sheila Aboagye on Social media via: 


Website: www.pervita.org

Email: contact@pervita.org

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TEDxAccra 2015 comes off on Saturday 11th April, 2015 at the National Theatre in Accra.

Get to meet and network with Sheila Aboagye. Register to attend TEDxAccra 2015 here: www.tedxaccra.org

Follow the talks, leave your questions for Sheila Aboagye via the following media and have them answer her live.


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