LATEST AUDIO: Captain Smart In Hot Waters; Will Soon Face Court Action Over Deception and Fraud As More 'Victims' Abroad Emerge

Captain SmartHost of Adom’s FM morning show, Blessed Godsbrain Smart popularly known as Captain Smart, will soon be hurled before court in Ghana to face legal action over allegations of deception and defrauding many Ghanaian women living abroad.

The show host is said to have defrauded many Ghanaian women in the diaspora, falsely promising to marry and taking monies and gifts from them although he was married and had a child. According some earlier audio clips intercepted by 233livenews, one of the allegedly defrauded ladies, Evelyn stated that; she started talking to the radio presenter late last year through the ‘connection’ of a friend called Christy. And her daily conversation with the radio presenter turned into a long distance relationship—following which he promised her marriage. (HER NARRATION)

233livenews is reliably informed that another lady living in Belgium, also alleging to have been defrauded will be in Ghana next month with series of evidence to back her allegation that Captain Smart had defrauded her and seek legal action against the radio host.

We have also received tapes of two other persons abroad making similar allegations against the much commended show host.






  1. I don’t think this could be true.
    How on earth,Will such a patriotic,good and God fearing person like Mr Smart.people will come up with such an allegation against him to rein his reputation in this country.
    Me as i always says,Know one is guilty,until proven guilty.So unless i heard Mr Smart comes out says that is TRUE i’ll never believe it.

  2. Everything said and has happen about Smart are all true
    None of the story is allege
    They are all true .

  3. Everything said and has happen about Smart are all true
    None of the story is allege
    They are all true .The mother is aware of all that Smart is doing and has been doing .He keeps calling and begging me not to expose him.So whoever doesn’t believe should call Smart to come out and defend himself
    Such cases cannot be on air if there’s no truth,serious action can be taken against anyone who will publish as such base on no truth .We are not children to come out and tarnish someone image anyhow.Hope you know what he is doing behind screen and in the name of God
    Smart has done more than this,processing is on the way,sooner very soon the whole frauds and lies of him will come.
    A Christian who sleeps around and cohabiting with different women including married ones and leading worship at church

  4. All that is circulating or has been saying about Smart are all true.Nobody will allege something as such on him if nothing has happened.Hope you know what he’s been doing behind screen and using God name in profane ,trying to present himself like a true Christian .And upon all,leading worship in the church.He did it to me and kept begging me not to expose him.The mother knows all that he is and has been doing,even sleeping and cohabiting with different women around including married ones.How can one come out and tarnish somebody who is a public figure image base on no truth.Serious action can be taken against whoever will come out and allege as such on somebody if it’s not true.
    Sooner or very soon the whole truth will appear and all the bullies and the abuses will be out in everybody’s hearing.
    He knows how to lie and pretend to be good ,but they are fake.
    Things are on process ,even his church national chairman has been informed while we gathering all informations and eventually the whole truth and his real character will be out .

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