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University of Education, Winneba Starts Admission for 2015/2016 Academic Year

University of Education WinnebaUniversity of Education, Winneba has commenced admission to its Certificate, Diploma, Degree, Masters and PhD programmes for the 2015/2016 academic year.

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Between now and 13th February, 2015, the University is accepting applications from qualified matured applicants. Regular applicants have till 31st March, 2015 to submit their application whilst Sandwich applicants have 13th March, 2015 as their deadline.

Details of the admission is as follows:

1. Applications forms could be obtained at the main University of Education, Winneba Campus and all other satellite campuses across the country.  

2. Application forms cost GHs150 (Undergraduate), GHs200 (Post graduate) and US$100 (International). 


3. Mature applicants must complete and submit their applications before or on February 13, 2014.

4. Undergraduate and Sandwich applicants must complete and submit their applications before or on March 31,2015 and March 13, 2015 respectively


SAT for Special Education Candidates only Second Thursday in March 3:00pm -5:00pm
SAT for all Mature Candidates Second Friday in March 8:00am-   5:00pm
Interviews Second Friday in March 11:30am-5:00pm
GAT for all Mature Candidates including Special Educ. Candidates Second Saturday in March

SAT– Subject Area Test
GAT– General Aptitude test
SPED -Special Education


For clarification or enquiries contact:

The Registrar
, University of Education, Winneba
, P. O. Box 25, Winneba
 – Ghana

Tel: (+233) 332320418



  1. Dufe Selorm Yao Mensah

    I had D7 in mathematics and B in the rest of the subject and i want to apply for addmission

  2. PLZZ i wish to appply,but I Waiting for mi Nov Dec praying i can get admission.Thanks

  3. Plzz my dream is to get adimission to the school,is one of the best school i plzzzz help me get it if i apply.i hope it shall be well.plzz am waiting for nov dec results so that i can buy the forms.

  4. i will like to know the requirement for mature student


  6. I m matured student with alliance francais diploma. Can i get admission to do BA french?

  7. i had D7 in English and world like to and sit for entrance exams. Pls can i?

    • pls sir, i had D7in math, C4 in social studies, c4 in english C6 in Science. And for the core i had A1 in gka, B3 in graphics, b3 in ceramics and C4 in Economics. pls iv come a long way to gain admission in your reputable institution and i want to know my chances. i desperately need a reply . Thank you.

  8. Need admission for the coming year. please help me . Thank you.

  9. wheluku wisdom denapo

    can i aply with awaiting result

  10. Please assist me, I had C6 in Maths, C4 in English, C6 in Science as in the core. Then B3 in Food and Nutrition, A1 in Management in living, and C5 in Economics as in the electives subjects, I want to choose Bachelor of scince( Home economics education), will I get admission if I feel a form. Thanks

  11. please help me get admission there this time around when i come there by january 15,2015 to fill my forms there. so please expert me there.Thanks


    please I had c4 in mathematics, c6 in English, b2 in integrated science, c6 in elective mathematics, b3 in economics,b2 in geography .if I apply for mathematics or economics program will I get admission?

  13. l had C6 in english,b2 maths, and b3 on science can i apple for addmission.

  14. Kornu Akpene Joseph

    Pls the date for submiting the mature application forms for 2015/2016 year actualy 13th Feb. 2014 as stated or is an error.Thank You.

  15. Pls i had c5 in maths, c5 in English,c5 scince as the core and b2 in government, b3 in geography, d7 in e_maths if i apply for admission to offer mathematics will i get it?

  16. I have a D7 in chemistry,C6 in Geography,C6 in Economics,C6 in Biology,B3 in Mathematics,B3 in Physics,C6 in Agricultural science and C6 in English. Will i be admitted to study electrical electronics? Please get back to me

  17. Pls i am technical examination stenographer holder. Pls can i
    apply as mature student

  18. Please I want to know the sandwich compuses of UEW

  19. pls i had c6 in english c4 in science b3 in core math A1 in social as my core
    A1 in economics A1 in e -math A1 in Accounting A1 in Business Management
    can i offered b ed mathematics with economics pls help me out

  20. Pls i want to apply for economics,wat is de cut off grade

  21. pls I actually had c6 in English,b3 in mathematics,c6 in as in core,and c4 in economics, b2 in government c5 in crs. pls do wel to admit me in the name of god if I apply for,thank you.

  22. Please can I be admitted with grade 17 into Bsc Accouting Education with B3 in Accounting?

  23. Please I am a Business student and wish to apply for bsc management education. Will get I do so? If yes. Then help me get it. My lowest graf was c5.

  24. Pls, I wish to apply for admission (bsc management education) my lowest grade was C5 and also a business student. I would like to ask if I can get it. If yes then help me get it Pls. Thank you.

  25. Saabanaa samsadeen

    2 d7s in core 3b3s d7 can i gain admission

  26. adu-ansere owusu emmanuel

    Will awaiting forms be out this year

  27. John Saboima, pls i had e8 in english, d7 in sci, c6 in maths, c4 in geo, c5 in govt and b3 in econo. Pls sir if i apply under mature to study geography/economis will i get addimision for 2015/2016 academic year pls sir fill me back.

  28. Confidence Kpodo

    Please I would like to know if I will get admission: I had 2 B3’s in Geography and social, 2 C4’s in English and Economics, 1 C5 in CRS, 2 C6’s in Government and Science plus a D7 in Maths. A reply will be very much appreciated. Thank you.

  29. plz I had C6 in English,C6 in Core maths,C4 in Science,B3 in Social,A1 in accounting,B2 in E-maths,B3 in Economics nd C4 in Management….nd i want to pursue B.ed in Accounting nd B.Ed in management Studies plz am i qualified???If nt am ready to do any program apart from Business programs…please help me out…Thank you..

  30. Please I had d7 in maths only will I gain admission .thank you

  31. Please I had d7 in maths onli will I get admission if I apply thank you

  32. please am a business student with D7 in maths, B3 in science , and the rest A and B. I want to know if I can get an admission.

  33. mol Richmond Nvonye

    with too much hope and faith,I will proudly be admitted in your fabulous institution this year.

  34. pls wat aa d requirements for postgraduates

  35. When wil de knust and ucc forms be out?

  36. hi, I had grade 16 n wud like to apply for Bsc mathematics. please am I going to b admitted. thanks


  37. I’m now going to write wassce may,june. 2015/2016 .can I apply now or wait for next year.please help me

  38. with English b3,intre science b3,social b3,core maths d7, BM b2, FA b3, economic s b2, CA. c5, can I get admission in accountancy?

  39. When wil regular for ucc be out?

  40. matthew mannah morris

    i had 3bs and 5cs’ pls will i be admitted…

  41. please I had social B3… Maths C4…English d7..
    C.R.S B2…Government C6 and Twi C5..
    please will I gain admission into political science education or any social studies courses??…if No wat other course will I gain admission please

  42. please your comment would be well appreciat. i had c6 in c maths, c6 in scie d7, in eng, d7 in both bio and phy and e8 in che would get admission if i aply?

    • Emmanuel cobbinah nas

      Pls can i get admission to bsc agricultural education? With this grade English c6, math c5, science b3, social studies c5, chemistry c4, general agricultural b3, biology c4, animal husbandry c4 if yes let me know pls.



  45. pls I had B3 in science, B2 in E-maths, B2 in Core- maths , C5 in English, C6 in physics and C6 in chemistry .can I apply for computer science, and pls would I get admission. pls assist me

  46. pls I had B3 in science, B2 in E-maths, B2 in Core- maths , C5 in English, C6 inphysics and C6 in chemistry .can I apply for computer science, and pls would I get admission. pls assist me


  48. Do the university only train students to be teachers?


  50. Pls I had c6 in maths c5 in science,c6 in english,b3 in social,b3 in BMaccounting,b2 in principles of costing and d7 in economics,please will I get any business programme to do

  51. please i need your holding teachers Diploma in Basic Education n i have c6 in English d7 in maths c5 in social stu b3 in ewe c6 in econs, will i get admission to pursue 4-year bachelor special degree in special education if i apply?

  52. please i have Diploma in Basic Education will i get admission to pursue 4-year bachelor in special education if i apply?

  53. pls these are my results,maths b3,english b3,social b3,science d7,gov’t c6,history c6,fante c5.will i get admission to specialise in english language

  54. please i think the dates under the admission notice are not clear; thus some say 2014, some too 2015. please check it

  55. please can I get admission this year my grades are from B-D

  56. Please which Banks can I get the scratch cards. I had from B-D and Iam Business student, can I get any business programme in the university

  57. pls I offered technical at shs and had English c5, science c6, metal work b3, tech drawing c6, physics c6 n maths d7 n I wanted to apply for diploma in basic education (distance) will I be admitted ?

  58. Pls can i get admition with these grades ,scien c6,englsh c5,social A1,mathes e8,govt b3,hist c4,economics c4

  59. Pls i want to apply as mature student and i will be 25yrs in october can i apply pls

  60. please do I qualify for diploma in basic education this academic year 2015/2016 program with the following grades, english c6,maths b3,science c6,social c6,physics c6,chemistry d7,elective maths d7,biology e8.

  61. I completed shs in 2013 with this grades math c5,english d7,social b3,science d7,govornment c4,ashanti twi c4,geography c4,and economics c4.plaese can i apply for ashante twi?pls reply me.

  62. Can someone apply online for an undergraduate program without purchasing a card ?

  63. Asante Bofah Patrick

    please can I get admission this year with my grades?
    English c4, Maths c5, Science b3, Social a1, Costing a1, Financial Accounting b3, Economics b3, and Business Management b3.

    please tell me if I will ……

  64. Plss can I offer degree in nursing at ur university

  65. please can i pursue 2-year BBA-Accounting with sssce Accounting B,BM-A,Maths(Elect)-C,Economics-E,Core Maths-B, English-C,Int Science-D, Social Studies-C with B.Ed(Basic),Second Class Upper Div at UEW IEDE? Asked by Anku Adolph Atsu

  66. I am Edem Benjamin pls I had E8 in maths B3 in English ,B3 in social ,C6 in economics B3 in CRS ,B3 in government F9 in literdture ,F9 in science can I pls apply for political science??

  67. can I apply with this grades English c5, science c6, metal work b3, physics c6, technical drawing c6 and core maths d7 and wanted pursue mechanical technology education

  68. how do I get your forms to apply

  69. Am having HND in marketing and i want to apply for a full time programme in any of the business courses in education, what course should i apply for and how many years am i going to spend in doing it

  70. Am having HND in marketing and i want to apply for a full time programme in any of the business courses in education, what course should i apply for and how many years am i going to spend in doing it. Thank

  71. pls i got eng c5,sci b3,maths d7,soc c5, crs b3,gov’t c4,econs d7,ad lit d7 can offer adminision

  72. My results are eng c5,sci b3,maths d7,social c5,crs b3,gov’t c4,econs d7,ad lit d7 pls can i get buy winniba forms

  73. Pls i had B3 in Lit in English, B in Ewe, C in

    French , English C, Maths D7, Inter Science D7. I wish to offer English Language. Will i get admission?

  74. pls i have A -c in 7 subject but D in core maths Will i get admission

  75. Please I have D7 in coremaths,C4 in intg. science, C5 in English, B3 in social, C4 in Goegraphy, C5 in Government, C6 in history.
    will I get admission into political science or geography. please I need your reply soon

  76. pls had B2 in core maths, B2 in elective maths, B3 in science, C5 in English, C6 in chemistry and C6 in physics .can I get admission to read computer science

  77. plz can i apply with an awaiting result

  78. Pls I had eng c6. core maths b3.econs b3.geo b2.govern a1.e maths d7. Can I get admission to offer economics or geography

  79. Please my name is prince and womt to find out i can get politcal science my result are science c6 / English c5/ core maths c5/ government b2/ social b2 /econsc4/ geography c4 thank u

  80. please i am yet to write my wassce and can i get awaiting form

  81. the dates you gave on admission details above should be changed to 2015 instead of the 2014

  82. pls I want to offer either basic education or history education with the following grades c6, english c6, c.maths b3, economiis c4, history c6 ,government b2 ,crs c5 wil I be admited to the above programes in your famous institution,pls I need your reply.

  83. i had d7 in science will i be admitted pls

  84. Alberta Esi Adzekyee

    please I am a wassce candidate and I chose BBA in accounting please am I qualified

  85. I’m in Accra n I want some of the forms. pls where will I get some.

  86. please with dis results can I get admission to uew
    social studies A1
    English C4
    core maths d7
    inter science c5
    Geography B3
    Government B3
    Economics C5
    twi C6

  87. Your deadline date for the admission still haunts me. Because your date reads”February, 2014″”. Meanwhile we are applying for 2015/2016 academic year. May I get any clarification from you, please?

  88. With this result, eng C4, core math B3, social B2 ,science B3, economics B3,accounting A1, elective math C4 & BM B3 please will i gain an admission to offer administration this year 2015.

  89. please when will I get access to a a scratch card

  90. With accounting A,costing A,economics B2,I.b.m C4,core maths C5,English D7,science B3 and social studies A1 in WACE can I apply for

  91. Peprah kwaku Edmond

    Plz i want to know if admission is still in progress.

  92. Peprah kwaku Edmond

    Plz i also want to know the available programmes for now.

  93. pls I obtain a1 in maths,a1 social, a1 in science.
    a1 in eng,a1 accountin,a1 in management, a1
    in econ and e-maths a1.
    I want to apply for bsc in accountig education .wil I b admitted.

  94. pls i want to pursue degree in integrated science and i got eng C5;math C6;science C4;physics C5;biology C6;chemistry C5

  95. Emmanuel Osei Boateng

    please these are my grade English c6, math d7, social b3, science c5, government b3, economics d7 history c6, French c6. can I get admission this year

  96. I had A1 in costing, A1 in, B3 in science, B3 in social studies, C6 in English, E8 in core maths,B3 in Accounting, C4 in economics.Can I gain admission for a degree programme

  97. will i post my form after online submission

  98. pls am a worker, I want to do diploma in human relations

  99. Yeboah Joan Annick

    I had E8maths but the rest were good.I want to know if I can qualify for the diploma in Basic Education?Thank you

  100. l hold bachelor of management studies from UCC with second class lower division. l have interest in MPhil in Guidance and Counselling.I am qualify yo apply?

  101. I feel much elated to be in ur reputable institution dis year. n please wil there be any interview for shs applicant before admitting? html.

  102. Pls i had A1 in government, B3 in social studies and geography, c5 in economics and science,c6 in maths and english. Can i apply for political science?

  103. l am a final year diploma student at ucc and l want to offer my degree at your institution. Can l buy forms?

    February 8,2015
    Please,i have A1in French ,English C6 ,MathsC6 ,Social studies C6 and History E8 .
    Can i be accepted if i apply to read French as full time ?

  105. I had B3 in core maths and elective maths B3 I. social, c4 in english and c6 in chemistry and biology.can I get admission to read mathematics in winneba university

  106. I had B3 in core maths and elective maths B3 I. social, c4 in english and c6 in chemistry and biology.can I get admission to read mathematics in winneba university

  107. pls i did diploma in business studies [accounting option]can i apply for a degree program.thanks

  108. please l bought the voucher for online application for masters programme but I can’t get the form online. please help me time is running out . please may I know why.

  109. when will be the exam for the mature students. (full time students)

  110. Serwaa Kobi Racheal

    please i just applied buh instean of A1 in social i mistakely made it B2 hope it will not affect me

  111. Serwaa Kobi Racheal

    please i mistakely made social B2 instead of A1 on my onlin form hope it will not affect me

  112. Please I applied for B.SC(ACCOUNTING EDUCATION) and my name arrangement should be Kadri Haruna not Haruna Kadri.2015/2016 admission.

  113. Please i want to know if matured applicants have been called for the interview and entrance exams?

  114. when will those who applied as mature will receives their index number for the entrance exam

  115. when will those who applied as mature will receives their index number for the entrance exam

  116. i am an applicant for the matured undergraduate this year and i heared colleaques saying that massages and for that matter index nos have been given for exams but i dit not get one.

  117. hi! pls are all the admission list out? n pls what is e invoice number?

  118. The subject are for business students

  119. Pls, I am getting this info very late. I graduated from the University of Ibadan and result is just out. I have 2nd class upper in special education for Hearing impairment. Can I still purchase the master form for special education. Pls give me an update. Thanks

  120. Jude dadzie andorful

    i am student of kaaf university college,offering Bsc.Busin Admini level 100 .pls can i get transfer to continue my programm…? the school is being acreditted and affiliated to knust.pls

  121. Pls when will UEW stars issueing letters for the entrance exams.

  122. Dear Sir/Madam,
    Please i had the chance to fill in the 2015/2016 academic year admission form but unfortunately for me, i typed in only one of my results. please will it affect my admission? My programme was BACHELOR OF ARTS ( TWI EDUCATION AND FANTE) respectively. These are my results;
    SOCIAL STUDIES ……………… B3
    MATHEMATICS ………………………C4
    INT. SCIENCE ………………………..E8
    ECONOMICS …………………………C5
    GOVERNMENT ………………………C5
    LIT-IN-ENGLISH ……………………..B3
    TWI (AKUAPEM) ……………………B2

  123. Please my certificate was attached to the form. thank you

  124. Plss i need 2015/2016 regular student admission fee,pls post it through my Email account

  125. please I have NVTI as a mature candidate can I apply for the Management program ?

  126. Can SHS Candidates who are writing may 2015 also apply?

  127. when is the deadline for m.phil in social studies(regular)?

  128. I have a pass in all the four core subject and a pass in mechanical engineering craft practices and credit in drawing please do I qualify please I wrote national bored for technical examination ( Nabtex)

  129. pls i want the cutoff points for the 2014/2015 academic year so that i can apply without any doubting

  130. please i am a Nigerian with Ghanaian certificates can i buy the local forms?

  131. I want to know in details course done at this institution ….am a general art student pls

  132. Pls i applied for bsc accounting education my name arrangement is boadi bernard not bernard boadi

  133. Pls sir, i’m bernard i applied for Bsc Accounting Education and the arrangement of my name shd be Boadi Bernard but not bernard boadi
    there was a mistake in de presentation of my name and after submitting it i realised i could not go back to correct it on de net so pls help me thanks.

  134. when is the date for mature entrance examination

  135. please i have bought the post graduate voucher and want to apply for sandwich post graduate diploma in education but the option in which i need to use in search for the programme to apply is not showing but rather masters programme. what should i do please.

  136. Pls i applied for Bsc Accounting education de arrangement of my name shd be Boadi Bernard Not Bernard Boadi 2015/2016 admision

  137. Pls I had D7 in science and E8 in maths bt had credit passes in all de rest. Can I apply for graphic designing.Shs applicant

  138. Please I want to apply for diploma and these are my wasce and novdec studies A1,core maths c6,science D7,english D7,economic B3,costing B3, BM B3 accounting D7.Please can l buy forms and apply for diploma?

  139. Please I want to apply for diploma and these are my wasce and novdec studies A1,core maths c6,scienceD7 English D7 economic B3,costingB3 B.m B3,accuntingD7. Please can I buy forms and apply for diploma?

  140. pls i aply with cert in pre -sch in edu for distance will they call me for interview or exam thanks.

  141. l would like to find out whether index number has been shared to mature students for the entrance exams. if yes then please I have not got mine. Thank you

  142. please for more clarification I’m offering Bcs Education (Mathematics)

  143. l would like to find out whether index number has been shared to mature students for the entrance exams. if yes then please I have not got mine.I’m offering Bcos Education (Mathematics)


    Pls I am an applicant for the matured undergraduate program this year and I heared colleaques saying that massages and for that matter index nos have been given out for the entrance exams but I didnt get mine.

  145. i have completed my application forms but i have not received any message.


  147. please where can i obtain the forms

  148. Baah Serwaa Agnes

    please i have completed my application and have not receive any message

  149. Do you have different forms for sandwish and regular for undergraduate at wineba university of educaton.

  150. I had d7 for mathematics ,e8 English d7 chemistry and f9 e-maths c5 science c5 social c6 for animal husbandry and agric I wish to read education am i qualified?

  151. Ananga clemencia

    please when is the interviews

  152. please I wanted to apply online but I realized all the programs available was only distance.

  153. I have applied as an undergraduate to offer french education, but my problem is why is accommodation not automatic for level 100 students?

  154. Afrifa Daniel Mensah

    please I have completed my application form but I haven’t received any text message or an e-mail.

  155. when will the matured exams take place?

  156. when will the matured exams take place?

  157. I’ve been trying to do the online registration but it seems there is a problem with your website, because I cannot access it. What do I do???

  158. Nora Asante Nkansah

    I’ve been trying to do the online registration but it seems there is a problem with your website, because I cannot access it. What do I do???

  159. Gud work done

  160. please who can explain the subject area test (SAT)to me

  161. Rebecca Koomson

    Please where will the interviews on Friday be conducted? Do I have to expect email or phone call to confirm my participation?

  162. I had c5 in English, c6 in science, c6 in social and e8 in maths. with the electives e8 in chemistry d7 in physics e8 in elective math, f9 in biology. can i please read IT?

  163. When is the forms for 2016/2017 coming out

  164. I have not received the details of the entrance exams/interview to print out. My index number is 256080. What do I do?

  165. Pls whn will de school start giving messages to the admitted applicants?

    • Please I’m also asking,when will UEW start giving the admission letters to regular applicants? Will it be through e-mail or postal address?…..thank’s for your message ….live news

  166. when will candidates for Mampong be called for Entrance Examination

  167. I have been searching all over the place for the answer to
    this. Thank you.

  168. is undergraduate having an interview?

  169. pls can l get some distance form to buy now…

  170. I would like to know if there can be an extension of application form for masters program

  171. Pls. When will the mature applicants recieve their admissoon letters?

  172. I have Social, A1, Math,C6, Eng, D7, Int Sc. C6, Costing A1, Accounting B3, Economic B3, BM B3 can i get admission


  174. pls wen is the add mission coming

  175. pls wen is the addm
    ision letteescoming. I mean distance education undergraduate

  176. Pls,l have not receive any message,since l completed my application form.

  177. plz,i wld like to knw if after filln app forms u wll be notified

  178. pls when is undergraduate entrance exams coming on

  179. Bai Lamin Sillah

    I would like to enroll on line certificate on intensive English Language

  180. Jeanne Banahene Amakwah

    Please when will the POST DIPLOMA students receive their date for their entrance examination.

  181. Please I am an HND holder in Accountancy & wish to do one year education programme. Please may I know the cost of fees and that of the application form. Thank you.

  182. Do undergraduate also have to do entrance exams

  183. I am an HND holder in accountancy & wish to do a top up degree course for two years in accounting studies. The documents I have now include a complete transcript of my academic records, an attestation indicating my class & a testimonial from my former school. Please may I find out if I can use these documents to apply since the certificates are yet to come from NABTEX. Thank you for your services.

  184. how will I get the form to buy

  185. Pls. what is the cut off point for B.A History education and how many student are admitted to this field???

  186. comfort kabe amanku.

    I have already applied for a post dip programme at the university. May I please know my date of interview.

  187. is winneba selling awaiting forms

  188. aboagye a. Patrick

    pls i had social b3.core maths c5.English c5 and economics b3.geography b3 French b3 elective maths c6.
    pls can i get admission in bachelor of geography education? pls reply me

  189. Please, I have had social a1, history b3, English b3, government b2, fantse c6, literature c6 & c.maths e8…..please am I qualified to be admitted?

  190. Please this are my results…. Social A1, English B3, History B3, Government B2, Science C5, Fantse C6, Literature C6 & C.maths E8. Please sir, am I qualified to be admitted?

  191. pls are you suppose to post the admission forms after online registration


    MARCH 14,2015 AT 6:00PM
    I have completed my application form but i have not recieved any message yet.

  193. please how can I do e online registration n can I apply wid D7

  194. please how can I do e online registration n can I apply wid D7 for the university

  195. Atubiga George Emmanuel

    I have not received any SMS or email for the entrance exams so what do I do as the exams is approaching?

  196. please when i submit my form i do not recieve any messege

  197. Charles Naawuntuo

    I bought the PDG form. I submitted it but have not been notified of any exams or interview yet. Are the admissions out.

  198. Please can i fill the forms with my national ID card?

  199. please are u still selling forms .
    I offered business in S.H.S and also sat for novdec and obtained D7 in core maths, C5 in English, B3 in and B3 in Social Studies in the core subjects and B3 in financial Accounting, B3 in Economics, B2 in Cost Accounting and C4 in Business Management in the elective subjects.what are my chances

  200. i bought form but couldnt complete before the 13, is the any help for me pls

  201. pls can i get distance forms to buy

  202. pls can i get distance forms to buy

  203. please, I’ve not received any message regarding the interview since I applied. ( sandwich post diploma guidance and counseling)

  204. Christiana Kparib Taabe

    I have apply for sandwich program but I have not receive message or call please what will I do. Thank u

  205. Ayaaba Joseph Atambilla

    I have not received any message regarding about the online applicant registration since 5th january 2015

  206. Christiana Kparib Taabe

    I have applied for the sandwich program but I have not received any call or message. Please what shall i do. Thank you.

  207. please i have not received any message or email for the entrance exams. now what should i do, as the exams is approaching.

  208. I have apply the mature,but i didnt any confirmation message.but my collegues are geting such messages.and i want to know.

  209. I am written to comment on the deadline ,in the bank paper its writing that 31st march 2015 but a friend of mine said he went and was told that he can’t apply for sandwich again.
    Secondly the newly introduce cause for the distance diploma in education which is one year is not well communicated to applicants so some of us find it difficult to choose. thank you .

  210. am mohammed mutala, i have applied for the mature,
    since november but i did not have any noyification

  211. emmanuel agyemang

    pls cn i apply with two different school wassec result

  212. I havn’t receive any message after i applied


  214. as an undergraduate applicant, I bought winneba form about a week now. my form not access niether is submit because the winneber website unstable ……close date is 31 march 2015, please help …..please



  216. I hold HND in marketing,and diploma in education and I want to study degree in business education.How many years will it take me to complete the course

  217. Anogisedema Shirley

    please I submitted my form but have not received a message for the entrance exams.

  218. Anogisedema Shirley

    please I submitted my form but have not received a message for the entrance examination

  219. pls i hv dis subject Math D7 eng c5 sos B3 inter sci C6 crs A1 econ C6 govt D7 lit E8 can i study any diploma couse


  221. please sir i registered for the academic year 2015/16 as a matured student with o’level result but haven’t recieved any msgs to notify me for the exams i don’t know what to do please can help to tell me why.

  222. I have bought matured application form but no message . what should i do?

  223. Ebenezer Danso Ankrah

    Please I have applied for Basic Education by distance.I teach in a private school but forgot to submit a copy of my appointment letter and my SSNIT number.Is there any other means I could submit them?or is it going to affect my admission?

  224. I have appl for sandwich but i did not reciev any mssg or call for the entrace exam plz help me

  225. Pls am very confused wid de courses l choose. I ve bought de winneba forms n filled. I choose winneba campus n my courses were BBA in human resource management n accountn bt pls l don’t no if l will be posted tu teach ryt after my education or l will have to go in search of my own work. Sake of de course l choose, so pls help me out

  226. plz i have e8 english, b3 in c-maths n science,c5 in social n chemistry, c6 in physics, G-agric n animal husbandry.CAN I GAIN ADMISSION INTO BASIC ED?

  227. please I applied for the regular entrance exams and have not received any message for the exams

  228. I have applied but have not received any confirmation messages through email or phone .I need your notice to be sure ,

  229. Please i applied but not yet received any confirmation. Thank you.

  230. I have applied but have not received any confirmation message through email or phone. Thank you

  231. have been trying to apply but it not going through what should i do

  232. Adjei Nabouth Julius

    I haven’t get my message please.

  233. pls sir,iz it compulsory tu submit de hardcopy forms after online regestratiom of application forms?

  234. pls i hav not recieve any msg pls.i hav submitt my forms.

  235. please I will like to find out if there is a chance for me to apply the M – TECH programme on sandwish considering the deadline am hold B-TECH in AUTO ENG.

  236. Baba Iddrisu Yakubu

    if one wants his/her transcript, where on the website will you go?

  237. pls i have applied in n i haven’t receive any message whether ave been admitted or would i know if i have been admitted..?

  238. Iddrisu Jeremiah

    I submitted an application form for Post graduate admission,I have not been given any information about the interview. When is it coming?

  239. i apply for de distance program,which is Diploma in basic education but no massage yet for de entrance exams.why?

  240. pls I completed training college with second class lower in science/maths . I my required to use my SHS result before I can apply for B.Sc Chemistry Education?

  241. Rita Mesiwotso Kpeli Nukunu

    I want to know the requirement for Masters in Guidance and Counselling

  242. pls when re we going to write the entrance exams for mature students. and also the time for admission.

  243. pls when will the entrance exams going to take place.and the date to admits us as a student of uew.

  244. i apply for the form but receive no notification please is it normal or there is a break down in the link

  245. jeffery emmanuel adjei

    will there be any admission again after the current may/june exams this year.

  246. when will undergraduate applicants received their admissions letters.

  247. Wumanyo christopher

    Plx i bought de 4rm 4 distace n i don’t even receive message after submitting de 4rm so wat can i do plxxxxxx

  248. when is the sale of application form for the year 2015-3016 ends.And when is the submissions of the application form ends

  249. when is the deadline for winebea forms 2015/2016

  250. ofori atta dankwa junior

    I want to know admission letters will be sent to qualify applicants

  251. Ilupeju comfort kafaya

    Please I submitted an undergraduate form B A French Education but I received no message till now. Are the admissions out?

  252. Ilupeju comfort kafaya

    When will the undergraduate admission be out please?

  253. I would like to apply for PhD in special education. Is it late? I am an international student.

  254. i am proud to be a student of university of education winneba

  255. i am praying to God for my admission into university of education winneba.

  256. please is the form out online?

  257. please i would to know if whether the degree courses is four years for regular students

  258. please the office lines are not working

  259. Hi ,fellow members ,in order to clear your minds please go to their main website, I think there have been an extention in their deadlines. Also date for examination is also there,kindly visit .
    Thank u

  260. am proud to be a member of wenniba

  261. i will like to apply for political science with education

  262. some of us are willing to be a member soon..

  263. Pls whn will de qualified applicants(undergraduate) be called/e-mailed?

  264. please, when will the qualified list for 2015/2016 sandwich session be published?

  265. please i learnt admission letters are ready pls may i know when freshers for the sandwich are reportin n payin their fees

  266. Am regular applicant(undergraduate), my prayer is that, i will be addmited.God bless (UEW).

  267. please when will sandwich admission will be taking place

  268. Samuel Akogyiram

    please when are you going to do admission for 2015-2016 both sandwich and distance. thank you

  269. Bignaniya Williams

    when will they call/e-mail the qualified student who meet the criteria(undergraduate)

  270. Pls. I need to confirm the phd chemistry education if its available and how to secure the form. i m foreign student

  271. when will they call/e-mail the qualified student who meet the criteria(sandwich undergraduate)

  272. please they said the date for the entrance exams is 5th may

  273. If u apply without printing the form will u be effected

  274. I haven’t got the form can i still in one way or the other get admition into your complex school? Please

  275. when will the admission list for 2015/2016 be out

  276. when will 2015-2016 names of undergraduate applicants be out.

  277. When will the postgraduate will be out please

  278. Please when is the admission for the new students for 2015/2016 forms.

  279. pls I have not gotten my text code n when is it coming?

  280. can i apply as a mature candidate with three pass to the distance programme please

  281. Please When Are You Starting Admissions For 2015-2016 accademic year?sanwich and distance.

  282. theresa anderson

    what about awaiting forms.which month do they sell it

  283. Please is it true that the date for the entrance examination for sandwich is 5th May 2015?

  284. Ernestina donkor

    Please when will we get our admission letters. I applied for 1 yr diploma in education(distance) thank u.

  285. Mature entrance exams classes in July will start at when ?

  286. What is the date for the mature entrance exams in July

  287. when Will admission letters be out for regular students into winneba education

  288. Bedewu George Maccarthy

    when will mature applicant be called?
    for 2015/16

  289. Datsomor Edwin

    Please when will this year admission applicants be called to uew

  290. please i will like to know how best i can convert my administration certificate to a BEd. certificate,in order to become a professional teacher.thanks.

  291. pls i holds hnd purchasing and supply and i applied for bba human resource management but i was given. B E D basic education .pls can someone tell me why

  292. when Will be
    the calling of applicant

  293. teye abraham kwame

    when is the admission list for BBA Human Resource for 2015/2016 regular applicants be released?

  294. please I want to know the cut off point
    for admitting applicants who want to persue B.e.d in accounting

  295. Dankana Thaddeous

    When will you start issuing 2015/2016 admissions?

  296. please I will be very glad if you admit me into geography education

  297. Is 2015/16 admission list online?

    • pls i had a txt saying i have been admitted and shd chek ma email account for der is no message in ma email..hw du i get ma admission letter pls

  298. Victoria asmah

    Can I get admission with grades to read b. Ed basic education eng c6,econs c5,clerical office c6,maths c6,social b3,business management a1.

  299. Bala Salisu Mohammed

    I have received a message from UEW offering me admission.
    However,I was asked to check my email for details but I still can not find it.

  300. Josephine Gyekye

    i have received an sms to e effect of my admission but i have to received an email to that effect. it is a sandwich programme. and i know it going to start next month.can i know why? how can i pay my fees and start if i not have my admission letter.

  301. minawara musah

    Kumasi campus pls

  302. victoria Ndako

    when is the full time admission list be out,while there was no confirmation notice after applying, hope notification for admission wont be like that…too pls

  303. When is the admission letters coming out

  304. When is the admission letters coming out for undergraduates

  305. Nkansah Ebenezer

    Please I have apply for distance education and yet still I heard anything.i haven’t receive any message nor email pls notify me thanks

  306. Please I have applied sandwich with the serial number 127982 and pin 43398699474388 but I can’t get access to to the successful applicants list please kindly help me to know if my application was successful. Thank you.

  307. Please notify me of new post via e-mail

  308. admission letters will be release in july.

  309. My e-mail is not working anymore and i received an empty am i getting my admission if am agyeere Gloria

  310. Ebenezer Dawood

    Pls I have applied for full time but I haven’t received any notification

  311. Ebenezer Dawood

    Pls I have applied for full time but I haven’t received any notification pls Help me out

  312. When will admitted student list be released for 2015

  313. Pls when will the addition list for mutured regular applicant be out and how will i know that i have addimition.

  314. When is ur list of admitted students be released

      I have been invited to attend an interview for MBA- Accounting admission in Kumasi on the 16th May, 2015, but received the interview letter on the 12th June. What do l do to sail through? I called the: phone number on the interview letter several times, but no response

  315. Balang Emmanuel

    please when are you releasing this year admission list.

  316. Please are We suppose to post the printed forms filled online?

  317. teye abraham kwame


  318. amartey raphael

    pls when will admission commence undergraduates

  319. Please how will i know that my name is among the successful applicant for the 2015/2016 academic year.

    • BEATRICE Amamoo

      Please I have received a text message saying that I have been offered admission so I should check my mail for details but when I checked there was no details Please help me since time is moving and I have to get prepared.

  320. Adongo benjamin

    Please i completed senior high in a certain village in the upper east region last two years and iam stil in the house’i wil be hapy if u wil grant me admision with this results (english=c4 )(science=3)(social=A1)(Government=A1)(Geography=B3)(CRS=B3)(Economics=C4)(maths=D7)(government education)

  321. Plz when iz de addmission list for 2015/2016 accademic year cumin out?

  322. Joseph Quayson

    can’t wait to study at Winneba Campus as Art Education student.
    please when will the admission list for undergraduate 2015/2016 year be out?

  323. kamoin patience

    how will I know if I’m picked or not

  324. Gaisie Dorcas Love.

    Pls i applied for the Undergraduate education online but i ve still not got any notification.

  325. Obeng Mensah Simon

    I applied for the undergraduate programme specifically post diploma in basic education but i hve not receive any notification.Meanwhile those i applied with hve received their would like to know why.

  326. To all those who applied 4 regular…be patient de list is about 2 be release.we will receive them through our phone contacts.expect it at de end of dis month and early july.hope we all get admission

  327. Michaella Acheampong

    Pls I applied for a full time coarse but has still not been notified.pls notify me.

  328. Pls my phone number is no more working, so how can i know when the admission letters coming out, so that l will check my email adress,( However my new number is 0500337892

  329. i heard uew opens admission list for 2015/2016 but hv not receive my. pls help me check it up

  330. bachigne aesha adeline

    still waiting for my letter for BBA in Accounting(distance education),after i have been congratulated on my phone.

  331. I would be glad if I could be admitted into this noble institution ,for Economic Education .

  332. Please I have being notify but my mail is not working any more how can I find my programme

  333. lampte odartey patrick

    please when will the admission list be out for this year?

  334. Please may i know the actual date for the wassce regular students will receive their letter? Please my dad want to support me this year so help me by sending me the date. Thank you

  335. i wrot the exam in march 2015 but i did not receive any notification

  336. all those who cant see your admission certificate……check spam messages instead of inbox***(Gmail Users)

  337. pls I hv been inform dat the main campus,winneba
    list has released.if possible check n c…your
    name. thank u.

  338. veri soon the list for 2015 admission wil b out.pray hard n
    God wil grant u favour.I hope we all get admission .
    u wil received a msg on ur fone.
    thank u.

  339. yes, we all hope to get admission ……..AMEN

  340. I want to know wherether there is a distance program for sandwich student too

  341. When will the undergraduate admission list for 2015 /2016 be out

  342. agyemang duah benjamin

    please they said uew has started sending admission letters.. please is it true..

  343. Pls whn z de 2015/2016 admission out

  344. Bernard Amankwah Tawiah

    Pls when am I going to receive my admission colleagues are receiving theirs

  345. please I won’t to know the date recruitment 2015 academical year it’s my name on list

  346. will i be addimted because all friends of mine have receive their letters this week and i have not received yet. Can read french or Political science
    with B3 in English,B2 in Social Studies,B2 in Twi,C6 in French B3 in Government, C6 in Mathematics,C6 inScience?

  347. Please I applied for admission online and just yesterday 16th June, 2015, I received a message via, SMS that I hv been admitted to study at UEW and through that they congratulated me…They told me to check my email for details but to no avail

  348. Abdulai salimata

    How will i know i have been admitted

  349. pls i learnt text msge are been sent to applicant notifying them of their admission, but i have not received mine. i hv always had problem of receiving mssge from you . right from the preparatory classes to the entrance exam to now(admitted applicant). i dont knw whether because i applied through online that’s why am facing all this problem. pls help me.

  350. please when will this years admission list be out?

  351. please i would like to know how many times the admission list comes out?


  353. pls,l have applied for political education but i haven’t receive any message yet,pls help me out .

  354. Pls my friends received their messages that they had have their admission but I have not receive mine.I applied for geographic education.
    Pls kindly apply me because I can read that course.

  355. okyere darko dapaa

    please i have not receive any information concerning my admission letter.please how can i get any information about my admission.

  356. Please when will the admission list be out?

  357. when Will regular admission letters for 2015/2016 academic year be out .pls i can’t sleep at all.

  358. I AM PATIENTLY WAITING PLEASE, this is the time but when at all for the admission. moreover there is rumors all over about admission list .

  359. hmm…how would I know if I am admitted. please.

  360. Heleku Wisdom Denakpo

    How will i know if am sent admission letter or not

  361. i received no message,my email box empty.

  362. I ve nt receive any message yet how will i know i ve being admitted pls help me

  363. we are in July now no notification.what’s happening.when is the list going to be

  364. augustine maasole,I hv 4 mathematic buh no mssge for me pls

  365. augustine maasole,I hv apply for mathematic buh no mssge for me pls

  366. Adu Gyamfi Benjamin

    pls l have not received any massage pls will u admitted me becos all my friends have receive their massage

  367. pls, I applied for a course in ur institution but I made a mistake in my email so how can I know if am picked or nt. can someone help me out.

  368. Aboagye Yaw Gyamfi

    please are you through with the admission list. Because i have not receive mine.

  369. please when is the admission list coming out

  370. Bashiru Misbawu

    I am an economics applicant for 2015/2016 academic year but i have not hear anything yet about admission

  371. Am holder of diploma in business studies (accounting option)can i attain degree by spending 3years in your highly respected institution through distance center in sunyani is it possible ? Waiting for response.

  372. Many of my friends received messages that they have gotten an admission but i have not receive any message. Please why me?

  373. how long does it take for the admission list to come out, cuz we have waited for so long!
    some have gotten their admission already!

  374. baidoo Christopher

    Please , l have applied winneba for two years but yet now no admission.please I don’t want to stay home for next year again. Is only winneba that I always bought, so please help me . Thank you.

  375. Ntumi Eunice Ama

    I applied early june when they extended the applications for post diploma in basic education.But as at now i have not heard anything.What is the problem

  376. please I can’t access my admission for 2015/2016 barge on line

  377. Please I sat for the entrance exams at IEDE center Techiman in the Brong Ahafo region but I have not received my admission letter. Hoping to hear from you very soon. Thanks

  378. Am HND holder in accounting seeking admission into my precious area. i came for an interview to do my degree but i have not heard any thing

  379. please ,when
    will admission letters be out?

  380. pls when will be the closing date for this year admission list. because I have not receive any info yet …..pls the way out

  381. yahaya k Cliford

    pls when will be the clossing date for year admission list . because I have not recieve. any info.
    pls help me out

  382. Am qualify yet I have not received any notification , please when am I receiving mind, am deeply worried.

  383. Adu Gyamfi Benjamin

    please when will full-time student admission list comes out for first years.

  384. pls I apply UEW but no information.

  385. pls I apply UEW but no information.why abt me

  386. adelaide ayadong

    I applied for English language education and French education. Up until now, I have not heard anything concerning my admission.

  387. please will i gain admission into bachelor of science in management education with the following grades Accounting A1, Business management B3, Economics B3, Elective maths B3, Science B3, English C5, Social studies B3, Core mathsB3

  388. Nymet Anthony Adusah

    Please, I have apply for your school and I have not receive my admission. I check my email and I can’t see anything in.i had the following result:
    core maths C6
    Eglish C6
    science D7
    social B2
    elective math B2
    economic B3
    business magt B3
    Accounting D7
    please, can’t I go to school with grade

  389. pls how will i no i had admission cos my letter is not yet seen am stiil waiting

  390. Abubakar kaisan Raabu

    Good morning.Please I would lyk to knw whenmy message too will get to me pls……bcos I’m r seriously waiting for it.thanx a lot

  391. Pls i have applied for Geography Education UEW but i have not recieved any msg pls help me out

  392. plęāşę į āpplįęd ƒoŗ ęçoŋomįçş āŋd ųp ţo dāţę į ђāvę ŋoţ ŗęçęįvęd āŋyţђįŋg yęţ wђāţ įş ţђę pŗoblęm.

  393. plęāşę į āpplįęd ƒoŗ ęçoŋomįçs āŋd ųp ţo dāţę į ђāvę ŋoţ ŗęçęįvęd āŋy męşşāgę wђāţ įş ţђę pŗoblęm.

  394. plęāşę į āpplįęd ƒoŗ ęçoŋomįçş bųţ ђāvęŋ’ţ ŗęçęįvęd āŋy męşşāgę yęţ.

  395. plss had dis ll I get admission? A1 government, c6 English c6 maths, b3 social studies,science c6, crs c4 ,economics c6 ,twi c4,

  396. plsss when am I getting my admission letter

  397. plss when I enter my pin I see notin thus it means I will not admission?

  398. please is the list for french education out

  399. please when is the admission letters for french education be out

  400. pls wul i be notified even if i dnt gain admission? it seems many appicants have had txt msgs nd calls regarding their admission,but i havnt receivd mine..more over there is no list on the internet just wondering if i have been picked or not..thankx

  401. Benjamin Acheampong

    Pls any news yet??we are waiting ooo

  402. When will the 2015/2016 admission list be out

  403. Pls I read the same course wt a friend in SHS and I had better grade than him and we also apllied to read the same subject but he have received letter through his email whiles am not. Pls I want to know the reason


    pls I have applied as a mature std but up to now I haven’t had any information.
    pls halo me

  405. I got a message bt i have’nt received my admission letter. Please help me out .

  406. I have not received my admission letter .please help me out

  407. Gariba. A.B.Rujjihadd

    I ve apply ur school as a regular student up to date I didn’t hear any thing about admission due why I am asking to find out whether admission is still in progress.thank u

  408. Mohammed Muniru

    please I want to find out if I have gain admission into Uew .

  409. Mohammed Muniru

    please I want to find out if I have gain admission into Uew .

  410. I applied this year but, all those that i applied with have their admission letters but i didnt have mine. I want to know my application status.

  411. Oh uew I can’t afford to miss ksi campus. Kindly admit me.have de God I trust, I ll surely gain admission.

  412. Anim Francis Tetteh

    Plis,i have forgot e password of my mail. Plis, send me message, if am admited.

  413. pls when will the 1 year diploma in education be out? I got message that I have offered the admission in May but up till now I have not received my admission letter. Thank you

  414. Sulemana Ibrahim

    please i learnt text msge are been sent to applicant notifying them of their admission, but i have not received mine. and please.i really want to know can also still get it ?pleae i really need your help please..thank you .

  415. Hi, please l applied for the distance diploma in education and l have not received any messages via the email or text messages. Please l want to know when would l received my message.

  416. Asamoah Augustina

    I have not receive any message from you please, I applied.

  417. Ibrahim Abdul-Latif

    Plaece I you to update the admissions for direct applicants for 2015/2016 acadamic

  418. Aboagyewaa Doris

    Please is the admission still ongoing. I’ve not receive any message yet. And I want to know

  419. Acolatse Kwame Prince

    feed me with 2015/2016 admission when its opened.

  420. Abena Serwaah Bonsu

    Please I applied for the 2015/2016 admission in your institution which I received an SMS congratulating me for gaining admission, unfortunately my letter is still not in. I am worried because ma friends whom I got the message before have their letters now.

  421. ofori frimpong mike

    Please I haven’t recieve any mail or letter yet still I qualify

  422. Alidu Mustapha Waani

    please I have not received any text message.
    I applied for Art Education (graphic design). and this is my results
    graphic design-b3
    leather work-b3
    general knowledge in art-c4( nov-dec -b3)

  423. How will I know I have been admitted?

  424. Please am Richard Adjei-Tetteh, I applied for admission but i haven’t get my feed back. So please try an check for me.


    Please sir i want to when will the mature applicant forms comes out for 2015/2016 academic year. Am a young man who is reading health care nursing and want to enroll to do read biology as a program

  426. i havnt got admission letter by now i dont understand
    regular applicant.


  428. pls i did apply in our institution but have not receive any information neither text massage nor email massage so pls heip me out.

  429. Please i applied for online and as at now i have not received any message.please i want to know whether i will be admitted.

  430. Please i applied for accounting education. Please help me out.

  431. please when is the admission letter coming out

  432. I want list for the university of wineaba for d education in mathematics for regular students

  433. Am Grace Donkor
    I bought hew form but still I have not received my admission and am asking why .
    please help me my parents are worrying me I dnt no what to do now please. thank u.

  434. I have applied as bachelor of arts history Education and I have been waiting for a long time but not to avail.
    so when will the this institution commence given admission to student?

  435. I luv the school i want to be admitted

  436. Plz i apply for BA of Art Education but i havent recieve any mail neither a call.what do i do

  437. I apply for education in mathematics in university of wineaba for undergraduate on fulltime

  438. I apply for education in mathematics in university of wineaba for undergraduate on fulltime but yet still I haven’t receive any message

  439. Awuni Christopher

    please I did not get my admition leter

  440. I applied for post d in education but yet I haven’t got my admission so pls help me out

  441. why is the admission list still not out

  442. Please I applied online but have still not had mine addmission

  443. Nkrumah Sagoe Cecilia

    Pls i would buy my forms next year God willing and i hope to hear from you and be part of this great Institution

  444. have I gained admission?
    please inform me.

  445. please may I know if I gain admission to school

  446. Please have i gained admission?

  447. please hv i got admission

  448. Please how do i know if i gained admission? I have checked using my pin and serial numbers many times but i did not get anything help me.

  449. please i would like to know whether the forms is finish

  450. pls i offered nd i want to offer social studies education nd i had b3 in social,d7 in englsh,b3in graphics and v5 in gka kan i plss apply..*feelin sad here*

  451. pls even if i kan gain admission to offer ani cause,im willin to do it pls

  452. i will like to attend Uew next yeah 2016/2017 what are de grade require?

  453. i want to know the fees for PGDE and PGDE in higher teaching and learning

  454. mohammed fatiha alhassan

    dear sir, am student who wants an admission am a student who completed tamale polythecthic technical intermidet I didt painting and decorating my result came I had theory_fail praticals_pass objectives_ pass I will like to ask can apply.

  455. please i want to no if i have gain admission at uew.

  456. please let me know if I’ve gain admission

  457. Pls will i get admission into uew with my ff grade:eng c4,social c6,maths c6,govt b3,geog c4,crs c6,int.sci d7,econs E8. Thank U

  458. Pls will i get admission into uew with my ff grade:eng c4,social c6,maths c6,govt b3,geog c4,crs c6,int.sci d7,econs E8. Thank U

  459. Ampofo Kelvin Prince

    Pls I want distance education form and i want to kwon the month it will be out

  460. Twum Barimah Ebenezer

    what to know if I got admission to ur sch pls.

  461. Twum Barimah Ebenezer

    do I ve admission pls. I’m confused

  462. I had my inter science canceled but had b2-c6 in the others will I be admitted pls im an arts student

  463. SOCIAL .D7 ENGLISH C6 MATHS C6 SCIENCE E8 ACCOUNTING A1 COSTING B3 ECONOMICS C5 BUSINESS MAG. C5 can i be admited for a degree program

  464. please i want to know, when are they bring the forms for 2016 academic year??

  465. Abdulai Mohammad Gazale

    I want to find out whether u run MPhil in science by sandwich in institution?

  466. Abdulai Mohammad Gazale

    plz I want to find out whether u run MPhil in science by sandwich?

  467. please with D7 in both maths and English can i be admitted to your diploma in education course? that you

  468. Plz i got d7 in core maths and e8 sicience..can i get afmission

  469. Please i had A1 in Geography, B3 in Economics, B3 in Government,C4 in English,C5 in Social,C6 in Core Mathematics,E8 in Science and F9 in Elective Mathematics.Can i get a Degree program?

  470. please i had A1 in Geography,B3 in Economics,B3 in Government,C4 in English,C5 in Social,C6 in Core Mathematics,E8 in Science and F9 in Elective Mathematics.Would i be given Degree program?

  471. last week I contacted you through phone about postgraduate masters programme on M.Ed. Basic education full time and you ask me to check your web side next month but one thing I don’t understand is. I went through the list of your masters courses in your web side Basic education is not there.

  472. pls i had A1 in business mgt,A1 in social,B2 in accounting,B3 in c.maths,B3 in science,B3 in english, B3 in economics and C5 in e-maths…can i offer bsc accounting education

  473. pls inform me when the 2015-2016 application form is out

  474. I had d7 in maths and science and the rest are b3 and c4 c5 want diploma program in social next year

  475. Nsoh Emmanuel A K Boy

    B E C E Placement 2014 l am Reply it

  476. when will new forms be out

  477. please where can i get, admission form for 2015/2016…

  478. I want to know when the 2016/2017 admissions begins.

  479. When will the ug matured students forms be out?

  480. I want to attend university of education winneba

  481. Please I would like to know when your undergraduate admission forms would be out please. I would be very grateful if you could assist me. Thank you

  482. please when will the admission for 2016/2017 academic year be released?

  483. Ebenezer Danso Ankrah

    Please I ‘m a distant learner at Tema campus.I heard there would be matriculation for 2014/2015 students. How true is it?

  484. pls i have an awaiting results in diploma in business studies(accounting) and would like to know if am qualified to pursue a degree in human resource management without using my shs results.And would want to know if u accept awaiting results.Thank you

  485. please have I gained admission in the school

  486. Pls I had E8 in core maths but B and C in the other 7 subjects,all summing up to aggregate 22, can I gain admission into the university…..if yes pls wat course….pls I need a reply ..Thank You and God Bless You.

  487. pls I had D7 in my 2015 Wassce results ,can I attach it to 2016 Wassce results for admission since I had b and c in the needed electives and I’m an arts student.

  488. can I apply for admission with two Wassce certificates with different years.

  489. pls I had e8 in sci n d7 in maths can I geh admissions

  490. Ebenezer. frimpong

    I had b3 in accounting, c4 in social, c6 in science, c6 in economics, d7 in business management, d7 in maths, d7 in English and e8 in coasting and I want to offer accounting/ Banking and finance can I get admission. Please

  491. please i need the schools admins number for further inquiry

  492. please i obtained Science A1, English C5, Maths C6, Social A1, Government A1, History A1, Economic A1 and crs A1. what degree education programs can i persuade in university of winneba?

  493. Please, will I get BA. Management Administration with the ff results:
    English — B3
    Science — C4
    Social — A1
    Maths — D7
    Management –B3
    Economics — C5
    Accounting — B3
    Costing — B3

  494. I an dennis and I had E8 in both core maths and E-maths ,I offered general Art can I get admission into any institution in Ghana to offer diploma or any

  495. Pls will I get admission maths I got e8 science social English c pls.biology d7 food and nutrition b3 management D7

  496. Plz I want to apply for next academic year enrollment.I had b2 in social and management in living, b3 in food and nutrition, c5 in science and English and d7 in math’s and G.k.A. Am I qualified and wat course will I be given. Tanks

  497. Plz will I get admition for nxt academic year wud de following grades:b2 in social and management in living,b3 in foods and nutrition, c5 in science and English and d7 in math’s and G.K.A.

  498. pls if u are less dan 25 yrs cn apply 2 uew evenning classes

  499. plz I did g art and got c math b3 e math b3 govt b3 social c4 eng c5 econs c5 sci c6 geo c6 can I offer b.a social science ???

  500. I ҝnow this website provideѕ quality based content and extra data, is there any
    other web page which gives these things in quality?

  501. Pls, I want to do Business Administration, on distance, God’s willing next year. but I saw something like option (HR), I want to do general Business Administration

  502. pls, is health Administration done on distance education. what are the qualifications. I have HND Secretary and management studies from Polytechnic. thanks

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