Africa Needs New Leadership of Godly People – Prof. Agbozo

Rev. AgbozoReverend Professor Enoch Immanuel A.Agbozo, Founder of the Ghana Evangelical Society says Africa needs a new leadership of godly people to transform the continent.

Prof. Agbozo made this remark at a Church service in Accra to mark Africa Union Day under the theme: “Behold a New Day.”

Prof. Agbozo pointed out that the country is experiencing rebellious leadership because of the absence of truth, righteousness and justice in the hearts and minds of many in leadership positions.

He said the worship of Satan and money had exploded into the lust for money, the crave for power, position and possession, which had resulted in corruption, dishonesty and immorality.

Prof. Agbozo said the divine hand of God has established a spiritual, political, economic and socio-cultural resilience for the country, adding that the theme for the celebration is a call heralding the rise of a new Ghana.

He said the new Ghana and new Africa is founded, built and established by God with African citizens as the chosen vessels of honour serving God in spirit, truth and dignity.

Prof. Agbozo said the country’s redemption, reconstruction, political and governmental economic development and social order serve as models for the nation and Africa as a whole.

He said the leadership of the country needs to overcome the old ways of satanic worship and idolatry, blood sacrifices and wars, and embrace the new foundational rock in the worship of God.

He said Africa’s sorrowful past of satanic oppression and domination, human tragedy of sin, evil and wickedness, non-progress and poverty will be wiped away in the truth, light and way of God.


Source: GNA

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