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"Ghana Needs Men of Integrity" – Manasseh Azure Awuni

Manasseh Azure AwuniAce Ghanaian journalist, Mannaseh Awuni Azure has said that Ghana will progress only if it has men of integrity holding the fort as leaders.
According to him, the country has had many challenges of which successive governments have failed to fully address mainly due to acts of corruption.

“I must say that our governments, successive governments have failed us” he said.

Speaking at the Distinguished Lecture Series of the University of Ghana Parliament House on Wednesday, the renowned broadcaster with Accra-based Joy FM noted that in spite of the many economic and social challenges the country faced, the youth had the power to better the situation by affirming their commitment to the fight against corruption and remaining loyal to the country.
Mr. Azure further challenged members of the student parliament to stand and speak up against wrong doings in society without fear or favor.

“Always chose to defend and protect the state rather than the comfort of a minority”. “I strongly believe that the youth of this country are able and will certainly rise to build this nation only if they resolve and purpose to do so” he said.

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