Kasoa-Mallam Road to be Diverted Wednesday

mallam-road divertA section of the Kasoa-Mallam bound road on the Accra-Cape Coast Highway will be diverted to traffic from Wednesday, April 23 until further notice, a statement from the Ghana Highway Authority has announced.

The affected section of the road will be diverted at Dunkonah Junction near the Weija Shoprite Supermarket at 4:00am on Wednesday and motorists approaching Accra from Kasoa have been advised to drive with caution and follow diversion signs as they approach the construction zone.

The diversion consists of a 650 metre long asphalt-surfaced, two-lane road which breaks off from the Kasoa-Accra road at Dunkonah Junction and Mandela, towards the Weija Shoprite supermarket.

The statement said the diversion is to enable construction works to start on a grade separated interchange which will link the busy Accra- Cape Coast highway to the West Hills Mall, Ghana’s biggest retail shopping complex, still under construction but on course to open within the last quarter of the year.

According to the statement, the diversion does not affect traffic moving in the opposite direction from Accra or Mallam towards Kasoa, as that section of the road will remain open to motorists.

The interchange, described by engineers as an underpass, became necessary after a comprehensive traffic impact assessment jointly conducted by Ghana Highway Authority and Delico Property Investments, developer of the West Hills Mall.

With its design and standard specifications approved by the Highway Authority, Delico is bearing the full cost of construction of the interchange to facilitate the free, safe and uninterrupted flow of motor traffic at the Dunkonah stretch of the Accra-Cape Coast Highway while also providing safe access to the mall for shoppers, pedestrians, mall tenants and service trucks.

Construction works on the interchange are expected to be completed in October this year.

”Motorists are therefore advised to follow diversion signs that will be placed along the road within the construction zone to ensure a safe and speedy execution of works on the interchange,” the statement from Ghana Highway Authority concluded.



Source: GHA

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