How to Decide if You Should Move from Ghana

TravelThere comes a time when we start feeling like something’s wrong, or more precisely, that something is not as right as it could be. According to index mundi, the peak of migration in Ghana was in 2006, but was still quite high in 2013. If you notice life is not exciting anymore, and that you’re constantly looking for something to spice up your day. These are just some of the signs you need to look out for in order to find out if you should move from Ghana, but here are some more examples:

If you feel weary, not only at work but also in your daily life. The house where you live in, the places where you go and the activities you regularly do are not interesting at all. Moving to another country could be a great way to find new excitement and a different life style.

If for example the love of your life is waiting for you abroad, then don’t be afraid to follow your heart and move to where it takes you. Sentimental and psychological stability and fulfillment are very important to feel happy.

If the education opportunities that are at your disposal do not satisfy you plainly, don’t settle for less.

If you feel the urge to move at least for a short period, even just to know what it feels like, then don’t be afraid to listen to your instinct. Look for professional opportunities that you’d never dream about in Ghana, like if you’d like to become an actor/actress for example.

If you end up deciding that your place is not in Ghana and you still have not chosen somewhere to go to, the first places you should consider are out English speaking neighbors, being Nigeria the largest and the nearest. Both cultures are quite similar although there are some differences, like for example that Nigeria’s salaries are 50% higher than Ghanaian ones, so if you’re looking for a job in Nigeria you will get a more satisfactory pay. Sure there are many other English-speaking countries where you could decide to go, some of the most popular ones are Canada, the United States and United Kingdom. Before choosing a country where to move to, make sure you check out which permits you need to enter and their terms and conditions.


By: Angela Sarpong/233livenews

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