Ghana Education Service Bans Recruitment of New Staff Over Opeartions of 'Educational Armed Robbers'

Ghana Education ServiceThe Director General of Ghana Education Service, Ms. Benedicta Naana Biney has revealed that the GES will no longer recruit teaching  and non-teaching staff due to the operations of ‘educational armed robbers’.

According to Ms. Biney, the staff payroll was bloated with ghost names, which is putting a strain on its finances. She said some heads of education institutions and personnel from the Account-General’s office had been engaged in shady deals that illegally earned them money from the government.

“Some heads of educational institutions have connived with personnel from the Accountant-General’s
Office and financial institutions to siphon state funds into their pockets. They do so by faking appointment letters for newly-recruited teachers. For instance, an appointment letter meant for say June 2015 could be backdated to read June 2013. The ensuing salary arrears are therefore shared among these “educational armed robbers”.


She added that names of dead personnel and those who had travelled outside the country or have left the profession are still being paid by the Accountant General.

In some instances, registered numbers of some teachers who are dead are sold to some people who never passed through the Colleges of Education. This enables such people to withdraw salaries as practising teachers.


The Ghana Education Service like other governmental agencies has over the years suffered financial constraints due to the numerous ghost names in its register.


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  1. please is the SHS Result in?

  2. Ghanaian youth are suffering please consider the increase of unemployed graduates and lift the ban whiles considering other means to solve the problem.

  3. How would those who have come out fresh from the universities with Bachelors of Education or Diploma in Education do for now? They have no other opportunity apart from Teaching. How do they pay the students loan they have taken? Please do something because my wife I a victim now.

  4. I think this is a good development,it will prevent the criminals from perpetrating their evil plans and in a way help the government in saving cost.

  5. So if that is the case, what are you going to do to those armed robbers you claimed? So please why always teachers! infact, am tired of this so called “TEACHING AS A PROFESSION” because no respect for the job and even salaries as well. Is our EDUCATION having future…… I always cried bitterly and if the necessary things are not done we will one day put our hands on our head and scream….”Bue bue bue….” One thing is, everybody is corrupt in the country including those at the highest level….. “PLEASE WAKE UP, WAKE UP AND WAKE UP……”

  6. Is it TRUE that the GES are to sow uniforms to all teachers at the basics and second cycling institutions?

  7. pls what abut those who have distance progromme

  8. pls what abut those who have completed distance progromme

  9. what is the faith of HND holders who not gotten certificate in education but are diploma holders as the threat of having them sacked looms on? also our fathers and mothers who are cert A holders and have thought for more than 15years now

  10. the UTDBE teachers who are still not recruited ,what are u going to do to them please?

  11. It is pitty, how can these fresh graduants survive with these economic hardships. God help us all…

  12. when is recruitment going to start for new staff especially those from universities with degrees and diploma in education.

  13. What happens to those of us who have been re-engaged over two years ago and have since not been paid waht is our faith? Should we stop teaching.

  14. so do one gain appointment now in theGES

  15. where can the bece placement be checked

  16. the situation is very frustrating for those of us who have the diploma in education through distance learning. please do something about it soon.

  17. so pls when will the ban on recruitment be taken…

  18. Is the ban on recruitment going to be forever or it will be lifted

  19. please so when is the ban going lifted

  20. please when is the ban going to be lifted

  21. Please it is unfortunately to read this blockage or suspension because most of expatriate with special skills who had wanted to support the nation building are not convinced about such steps. Something need to be done before those trained in abroad end up signing contract with other nations. In a way it is very disturbing issues as a consequency an action need to be taken, thank you

  22. please, graduate from UCC and WInneba who have been trained in the field of education do now,

  23. please i want the 2015 wassce time table

    • I’m not sure it is the right decision to stop recruiting. This is because there are well Ghanaians praticers who has got the nation at heart and are willing to support in the economic building. Despite the low economic standard in Ghana there are still people who want to come and help. As consequence the officers in-charge should try their best to review and investigate the old system. Because the posh or high-class societies are all constructed by it’s own nationals. Ghanaians are eridite hence we have to leave to this challenges. There are Ghanaian consultants in overseas with good proposals who are helping other nations to build their economy can be called upon if the locals are not in a position to help- they all want to contribute happily. This will depend on the director’s recommendation.

  24. Ninbaalong Robert
    In fact, its unfortunate that many Ghanaians aren’t ready to serve the nation all they know dubing.Well God surely will come..

  25. consider lifting the ban because some of us after pursing education at the university level cant get employment into the service to contribute our quota. WHY?

  26. so those with BA and Bsc without education are going to be sacked cos of imf.

  27. will the government post the students in the private colleges of education

  28. pls howfar abt the ban

  29. prempeh college administration are doing something which is good, there bring a list of final year student who did not hard 50% but some of the as a good result like 47.76%, 48.88%, 49.87%, 49.50 etc,but the admistration want fail them which is not. Please do something about this thank you…

  30. asamoah Bismark

    why don’t you support to fight back their allowances?

  31. have wrote a letter to jachie pramso senior high school about two years ago. but everyday when i go to visit, the head said, there is an embargo on the employment. please when did the government and the egs will release the embargo from employment.
    thank you.

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