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Confusion at UPSA: Concerned Students Set The Records Straight on Alabi Corruption Allegation

Prof. Joshua AlabiFollowing allegations of corruption leveled against the Vice Chancellor of the University for Professional Studies, Accra, Prof. Joshua Alabi, a group calling itself the Concerned Students of UPSA has issued a statement to set the records straight on the matter which has grown to be of public interest.

A former senior member of the University, Mr. Joshua Ophri raised the issue of corruption in a blog post which has since gone viral on social media and prompted several rebuttals with the recent being from the Concerned Students of UPSA.


Read below the statement by the Concerned Students

Our attention has been drawn to a publication being circulated on the media and social media like Facebook and WhatsApp which we saw the need to unveil the truth of the up-raising misled issues upon our thorough checks and investigations.

Unpretentiously, the construction of the ultra-modern facilities such as the hostel complex and the lecture theatres was in fact, a contract between the then intercontinental bank now Access bank and the contractors and not awarded by management to any company that the vice chancellor and the brother are shareholders. The school was only acting as the supervisory body, it is only the library complex which was awarded by management and due process was followed. Per our investigations, we realised that there has not been any instance where lecturers were denied their appropriate allowances.

In the same vein, exams invigilators are always paid the supposed allowances and not 10percent of it per our checks and records. As a matter of fact, there was not any instance where lecturers finance the printing of mid-semester papers and other relevant documents themselves. Also we were very thrilled to bring to the notices of the ‘’so called’’ former senior member and the public that the positions of the Deans and Head of department (HOD’s) are rotational and not what is alleged.

As a matter of fact and principle the Dean of the graduate school (Prof. Goski Alabi) is more than the word competent to even be the VC’s of any university in the world per her qualifications, capacity and the success she chalked for the university and also it was by her technical competences that she became the Dean but not based on the whims and caprices of the VC.

By this virtue whoever says UPSA is run/managed like a family property by the VC and the wife is pure envy and hatred for the hardworking couples. Interestingly enough, we wish to also inform the public that UPSA remains one of the most discipline university abiding strictly to the rules and regulations of the National Accreditation Board (NAB) and the university has not in any case fall short to the rules and regulations of the National Accreditation Board (NAB) as well as the university regulations since its inception.

Thus the issue of MBA holders teaching MBA students is not the case with UPSA and we can also boast that all our lecturers are high class professionals in their field as well as experienced. Nevertheless, our great university remains one of the most leading public university producing able and competent business professionals in the history of Africa and the world at large.

It’s high time we respect the integrity and the credibility of the learned scholar, Prof. Joshua Alabi in our great university. Indeed the vice chancellor is a person whose inputs to the development of our university can never be overlooked in the history of UPSA and it is by merit that the vice chancellor is being commended by non-governmental organizations(NGO’s) and the media as well and all his achievement are practical.

Seriously speaking all persons concerned with circulating such petty and sabotage messages are strongly advised to stop being ungrateful and rather embrace the massive contribution of our beloved vice chancellor of our time. Also we are sending a clear warning to those behind such misinformation to desist from that and per our investigations it’s clear that is an insider who is behind. Prof. we say, we are proud of your rich ideas and contributions so long as the development of UPSA is concerned and we say once again, may the high God takes you far.

In any case, we are not so amazed about such evil words because when people see you succeeding in life then they begin to raise certain ungodly words against you. But one thing we know is that all such evil words will work out in your good. To our lovely and dear vice chancellor, we say never worry at all about such saboteurs because the Bible even made us understand that wherever God abides, Satan also abides.

This notwithstanding, we challenge anyone who has a contrary view should come out boldly to proof to us and the whole world. To our colleague students, let us not allow certain individuals who cannot inculcate ethical thinking within themselves to be tarnishing the image of our great university as well as our able and gallant vice chancellor as well.

We are assuring the Ministry of Education, the National Accreditation Board, stakeholders and the general public that UPSA still remains the centre of excellence when it comes to professionalism. Thank you all, for this is the absolute truth and nothing else.


Concern students

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