TEDxLabone Speakers: Meet Ms. Eva Lokko

Ms. Eva LokkoIn less than 24hours, the much awaited  TEDxLabone 2014 event will be held live at the Kama Conference Centre with 19 amazing personalities from different career fields delivering educative, information and trans formative talks customized to suit you.Ms. Eva Lokko is one personality whose talk you surely don’t want to miss. 

Think of Satellite Communication Engineering in Ghana and she stands out tall. Ms. Eva Lokko is the first Satellite Communications Engineer in Ghana and the first woman Engineer in the Ghana Broadcasting Corporation (GBC).

He fascinating love for technological engineering saw her among the few people priviledged to have installed Ghana’s first colour television infrastructure.

A product of Cape Coast-based Wesley Girls Senior High School, Ms. Lokko work with the UN for 13 years.

She is the only female Director-General of the Ghana Broadcasting Corporation – GBC, since its inception in 1935 and managed the state broadcaster’s transition to digital radio and television production and to satellite transmission and digital-ready broadcasting, nationwide.

Her impact has been felt globally, having contributed to high profile conferences including the Yale Conference on Women and Development, FICSA, INET, NEPAD, UNDPHDR, ICANN, ADF and the UNDP.

Ms. Lokko has received numerous awards including TV-Africa’s Ɔbaa Mbo Award for her Unique Contribution to Communications Technology and UNDP Award for Excellent Human Resource Management.

Her work in youth activism is unrivaled supporting unemployed graduates into careers and businesses as the CEO and founder of the NGO “Totally Youth”.

She’ll open eyes to the “The Third Pillar For Job Creation”. 

TEDxLabone 2014 comes off on Saturday 5th April, 2014 at the Kama Conference Centre in Accra.


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