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University of Ghana: Disqualified SRC Presidential Aspirant Drops Bombshell!

Kwame ApentengHaving remained mute over developments following his inability to make it unto the final list of aspirants contesting for various positions at the Student Representative Council level, former presidential aspirant, Kwame Apenteng has finally spoken out on what the situation he describes as mischievous.

In a facebook post Tuesday,Kwame Apenteng who aspired to be President of the SRC but could not proceed to contest in the upcoming March 29 election because the Dean of Students did not find him qualified based on the 3.0 CGPA minimum academic requirement and also a self-withdrawal letter tendered in later on. Kwame cited ‘personal reasons’ for backing out.

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Read his full message below:


“Until the lions have their own historians the tales of hunting will always glorify the hunter”-borrowing the words of Nana Ansah Kwaw.
Withdrawing from the SRC elections was decided on the score of “you don’t need to fight all the time to win”. If before filing of nomination I do not have a problem of 3.0 but I’m not “cleared” especially when ‘we’ conveniently use incomplete results from a semester though some are known at the department level but not the MIS web, so logically we use what we only “see” !! Well…we shall keep up the fight against injustice be it on TV or radio or elsewhere because sacrifices need to be made. In life some do things for their own convenience and INTERESTS.

It is heartwarming to know as young and innocent as we pose to be, we thread on paths that destroy societies…SILENCE HAS UNRAVELED THE TRUE NATURE OF MEN and motives behind certain happenings. Some people you regard as friends clandestinely start “fires” around you just to what end? You cannot really tell. MOTIVES! MOTIVES!! MOTIVES!!!
I didn’t want to comment on the “ridiculing” that these “arsonists” bandied about on social media.But how can you just put before a “committee” (you spent money hiring to do your broadcasts) what and how to put out stuff just to make a man who is unperturbed by all what you do to look stupid in the eyes of students?? Political capital can be made “cheaply” on sentiments. But trust is built in a lifetime!
Like I told a brother of mine, “if you have the guts to wash your undergarments in a market square, be prepared to equally hang it in that same market square”!!! Depression is something that I’ve never known even in my struggles in Adisadel College, Cape-Coast and elsewhere, for me to even mention it to somebody. Let me ask without veiling my statement: please have you “bothered” to call me or whatsapp me to genuinely show any form of empathy? So why all of a sudden find your voice(which is the sharp tool at your disposal now) and run to facebook to show empathy?? I waited for your call or text just to tell me it was misjudgement after a mutual friend had alerted you, but it never came. So what was THE MOTIVE??
Whatever interactions and relations we have on this small platform on campus feeds into what decisions we will take in the future.I do not hold grudges as a person;so though I DIDN’T MENTION YOUR NAME pick a point or two “na fa hy3 wo kotodwe mu wai ?” as I take these words off my chest.
DER NORR!!!!! —

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