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"Stress Giving Younger People Heart Attack" – Cardio Surgeon

Heart attackYoung people in Ghana and some parts of the world are said to be hard hit by cardiovascular diseases due to stress and insufficient rest.

According to Dr. Innocent Adzamli, a senior cardiothoracic surgeon at the National Cardiotheracic Centre, Korle-Bu, the trend has continued largely because young people have adopted unhealthy lifestyles that do not promote their total well-being.

Citing the kinds of foods largely consumed by young people in recent times, Dr. Adzamli said most of the foods consumed are junk foods that are excessively high in cholesterol capable of blocking blood vessels and subsequently blocking flow of blood to the heart.

“We are eating more junks into the system. So a lot more pople in getting increase in cholesterol level, and also in young people there is a lot of stress in the system. People wake up at dawn, go to work the whole day and back at home at ten or eleven or even go to school, get home after 12, sleep for two to three hours they have to wake up, do assignments so a lot of stress so as a result of this stress their BP may go up. Having high blood pressures is a risk factor to getting this heart condition.”

Dr. Adzamli who expressed worry about the phenomenon said rest played a very crucial role in ensuring good health in young persons and as such was important young people make time to rest sufficiently after work.

He also called for annual medical checkup to ensure early detection of heart related complications which is best treated early.


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