Modern Lifestyles Causing Cardiovascular Diseases in More Young People

CardiothoracicA cardiothoracic surgeon at the National Cardiothoracic Centre at Korle-Bu, Dr. Innocent Adzamli has said that more young people are contracting cardiovascular diseases due to modern lifestyles.

According to Dr. Adzamli, the lifestyle of most people in recent times opens them to cardiovascular diseases or cardiac attacks which sometimes lead to death.

In an interview with 233 Live News, the cardiothoracic surgeon said records show age groups prone to cardiovascular diseases have fallen significantly to the age of 40 and even in extreme cases 35. Hitherto, persons prone to cardiovascular diseases were mainly over 60 years of age.

“For every four people who die, research has shown that 1 out of 4 die out of complications of the heart or diseases directly related to the heart. And we tend to see this more in the adult group. We are looking about between the ages of 60 and above but now it is dropping so even from the age of 40 or even in some extreme cases people around 35 years come in with heart attack. Maybe it is because our lifestyles are changing.”  Dr. Adzamli said.

He added that Ghanaians are now eating more junk foods and living stressful lives which has contributed to increased unhealthy body cholesterol and rise in blood pressure; all which as close link with heart complications.

Dr. Innocent Adzamli further charged young people to check their consumption of junk food or those heavily induced with cholesterol as they are extremely detrimental to their health.

He also stressed the need for sufficient rest among young people.



Source: 233livenews

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