TEDxLabone 2014 Introduces “ProNetwork App” Ahead of Event in April

TEDxLaboneAs part of the preparation towards an extra ordinary event in April 5th 2014, TEDxLabone has introduced a Networking app for the audience.

Every attendee will have a personal QR code on the back of their name tag, which, when passed very carefully in front of a smart phone with this ProNetwork App from Promobile GH, loaded the owner’s information into the phone.


Speaking to Emmanuel Leslie Addae, the Curator for TEDxLabone, He said, this networking app will go a long way to help the audience network at the event. Since TEDxLabone seeks to develop and leverage the TED experience at a community level, bringing together innovative thinkers to connect and discuss great ideas. TEDxLabone works to share the voices of thinkers, innovators and performers who will inform, Empower & Educate.

According to the Co Founder/CEO of Promobile GH, they are happy to partner TEDxLabone2014 as their core business is mobility, but they don’t stop there. Events are their specialty.

“As the market leader of mobile applications for events, we are armed with our experience and make event networking a priority.”

Indeed, since its creation, Promobile GH has not stopped to develop innovative features, to offer  events visitors, participants, audience and exhibitors the richest experience.

“At Promobile GH, we believe that our solutions must be useful, flexible and intuitive, while being affordable.”

Promobile GH aims to provide features that improve the users’ experience and facilitating business meetings, conferences, seminars and fairs.

Networking at TEDxLabone2014 is made simple by Promobile GH.

Simply download the ProNetwork app at the Google store and register with your email address you used in registering for the conference. At the conference, each Name tag is peculiar to Names and email address. At the back of the Name tags, there will be a QR code, just scan the QR code of each person you want to network with and automatically add them to your network.

ProNetwork integrates social media to build highly-interactive event communities, helping organizers, sponsors and exhibitors to engage directly with guests and seek out meaningful new business opportunities. We want to help you take your conference to the next level.

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