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Nima Police Arrest Hassan Ayariga

Hassan Ayariga2012 presidential candidate of the People’s National Convention (PNC), Hassan Ayariga was on Wednesday arrested by the Nima Police for allegedly threatening the life of national treasurer of his party,  David Apasera.

Mr. Ayariga who was picked up on Wednesday, was released same day on bail after writing a statement.

David Apasera was allegedly threatened by the former presidential candidate after he accused him of using party funds for his private business. A former special aide to the 2012 presidential candidate Mr. Adams Akane had also accused Mr. Ayariga of courting an estimated GHS 1.6 million which belonged to the party.

In an interview with Mr. Apasera, he said his decision to drag Hasam Ayariga to the Nima Police Station was because his persistent inquiry into the disappearance of the party funds was always met with threats on telephone and through text messages from the 2012 PNC flagbearer, who the party said had refused to account for the campaign cash.

He said on one occasion, Mr. Ayariga called him and threatened to match him ‘boot-for-boot’ and deal ‘with him’.

A text message allegedly sent by Mr. Ayariga to Mr. Akane and forwarded to Mr. Apasera read,

“This is not the time to sort out any of you people, I will deal with all of you!”

Mr. Apasera continued, “when I got this other text message, I said this is not a person to joke with because he is quite a dangerous person.. .so I said ‘let me go and tell the Police. So I told the police. I came to the Nima Police Station to report it, so last week they invited us and we met there.”

Mr. Ayariga has refused to make any comment about his arrest.


Source: 233livenews/Daily Guide

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