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UG Toll Booth Saga: UTAG Swears to Defend University 'With All Blood and Vim'

universityThe Legon branch of the University Teachers Association of Ghana (UTAG) has described as a reminder of the ‘harrowing days of military dictatorship’ the action of some personnel from the National Security who pulled down structures by the University of Ghana to collect road tolls from vehicles that entered the Campus via its Okponglo entrance.

In a statement signed by President Langbong Bimi and Secretary Samuel Nkumbam, the Association swore to resist any attempt by anyone to ‘trample upon the rights of law abiding citizens with all the blood and vim in them,’ assuring the University of its unflinching support in a bid to elevate the University to a world class status.

Read below the full statement

It has come to the attention of the university community that the Toll booth under construction at the Okponglo – Legon entrance, near the Legon sports stadium was been allegedly pulled down on 18th February, 2014, by the National security, under the cover of darkness.

UG-UTAG received this piece of information with uttermost surprise, shock and dismay, especially when the University authorities have not been consulted or directed by any authority whatsoever to remove the toll booth.

We want to remind all and sundry, especially those in positions of authority, that Ghana today is a democratic country governed by democratic principles and ideals, and not by brute force and the use of arms. It must be noted that the actions of this nature only remind people of the harrowing days of military dictatorship and occasions fear and panic among innocent civilian populace who are desperately working hard to put soul and body together.

UG-UTAG warns that it will resist, and confront anybody, and any attempt to trample upon the rights as law abiding citizens, with all the vim and blood in us, and other tools legitimately available to us.

UG-UTAG takes very strong exception to this action and considers it an affront or attack on the University. We wish to assure the University authorities of our unflinching support in their attempt to modernize the premier University of our dear country Ghana.”
Issued 18th February, 2014

Some armed personnel from National Security on Tuesday dawn demolished uncompleted structures at the Okponglo entrance of the University that were to be used for the collection of road tolls from vehicles that plied the University of Ghana road.


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