[+18 PHOTO] Level 100 UEW Student Commits Suicide Over Exam Resuts

UEW suicideThe entire South Campus of the University of Education Winneba was thrown into a state of uproar as a level 100 student of the University was discovered dead in a nearby uncompleted building.
Identified as Solomon Obeng, the Basic Education student committed suicide by hanging himself in the uncompleted building on Vals Day after realizing he had obtained 3Es in his examination.

According to the University’s regulations, obtaining 3Es in an examination meant an outright dismissal after grades have been displayed on the school’s notice boards.
Some students who could not phantom why the deceased committed suicide considering the fact that ‘the results could be manipulated’ told 233 Live News the University management was to blame for the unfortunate happening.

“Why should someone’s world come to an end because he is unable to get 50% in an exams?” a student, Nana Kwasi Frimpong asked.

UEW suicide

Source: 233 Live News


  1. how can this young man commit suicide because of only one mark,i do’t understand why some lecturers are soo wicked dat they ca’t add dat one mark to it for him. dis semester some students had their admission letters late so i think they should do something about it for them. the blood of dis innocent guy will be on those lecturer’s heard forever.

    • You’ve said it all. You know what? Some lecturers do not have any form of sympaty in them. But we should not commit suicide or do any evil no matter hard the situation may be. There is a solution to every problem.

  2. failing ur exams does not warrant u to kill urself

  3. yahaya fuseina

    Only God can tell why it happened this way, therefore we should appreciate Him in every thing.

  4. This wouldnt have happened if da exams period of da level 100’s had been extended to January afta da christmas break… So many freshers didnt resume early as a result of late admission.. some of them didnt had their letter early… UCC level 100 students were given time to learn during da christmas break and they resume to write their exams on January while UEW 100 students started exam with their fellow continue students meanwhile the continue student started academic work before they came in… Within this few period, hw do u expect these fresh students from SHS to fit in into da university system with all these presure on campus… I tink UEW management has to be blame for da failure of any level 100 student bcos if they were given enuf time to prepare, this wouldnt have happen….

  5. greetins goes 2 all winneba stdent, may God blessed u.

  6. its very sad to see this,photo on the school‘s site…i wish the admini removes the it

  7. it is very much disheartening to hear these issues, but i think lecturers should be blamed for such happenings. Some students may struggle hard to learn to pass their exams but some others both sexes may also pay monies to unscroplous lecturers to pass them. Stusents are unable to stand this when they hear that some womanizing lecturers have sex with other students to pass them. Even some athorities know about these but pretend they dont. They are to blame indelibly.

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