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Mahama goes wild… salutes 'wise Ghanaian politicians'

John-Dramani-Mahama1If there is anyone pressured to deliver in Ghana currently, then it obviously would be the President John Mahama who has been held at the centre of affairs in public discussions over the country’s economic challenges.

At a critical moment such as this when the country’s currently, the cedi, is experiencing a ‘free-fall’ and increasing commodity prices, many have chosen to lay the blame on the Presidency and the President for that matter, for making unpalatable decisions that has grossly affected the nation’s development with the base that everything in the nation rises and falls on leadership while other maintain it takes collective efforts of the people and all arms of the government to ensure increasing rate of development with a corresponding fast growing economy.

‘Uneasy lies the head that wears a crown’
President John Mahama who is at the helm of affairs will naturally be worried but how does he takes the criticisms which constantly fly in his direction from all angles? A keen observer and follower of President Mahama will notice the communication expert’s love for tech. Latest gadgets, social media fanatic, ICT-advocate, yes, that is Ghana’s president.
He will keep all his followers up to speed with his movements, activities and disseminate information as he wants the public to know,; the good then bad, the assurances etc. His ‘handshake and win’ social media promotional campaign was impressively a success hence fits the  description of a social media friend savvy.
Although highly commended for his social media usage and how he manages to keep cool event at the heat of the moment over social media, his most recent comments on social media seem to reflect him ‘pressurized’ by recent happenings in the media especially those tied to him.
In his most recent post via social networking site Facebook, Mahama said;

I thank and salute the wise Ghanaian politicians who understand that the right attitude in such times is to assist the government and stop predicting disasters. Because, in a democratic country such as ours, the government is the people’s government. It is your government. And it does everything necessary to lead our country and to attain the development goals it has announced. A nation has to be united when facing any kind of political or economic challenges.

To many Ghanaians this may sound and mean well but to others it certainly doesn’t.

Without descending into the political gutters of ‘NDC’ and ‘NPP’ i think we need to critically analyse the president’s piece and take a cue, maybe call for some advice and relenting on the side of the President.

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