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10 Ways to spend Valentine’s Day when you’re single

falling_in_love-t2I’ve never been one to care for Valentine’s Day. I know it’s the most romantic day of the year, but to me it just seems so “in your face” and cheesy.

I know it’s a designated day to show love for the person in your life who is good at taking your breath away, but what if you don’t have that person in your life yet? Being single on Valentine’s Day, especially if you’re wishing you were in a relationship or just recently broke up with someone can leave a little sting. Even if you’re single by choice, you get that “poor you” look from other people when they ask who you’re spending the holiday with.

You don’t need to miss out on a day to treat your loved one just because you’re single. Be your own Valentine and show yourself some much needed attention — there are plenty of ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day when you’re single!

1.    Make it a girls night! Go out and get all the ingredients for those awesome cosmos, grab new pj’s and have a “romcom” movie-a-thon.

2.    Try speed dating! While you may not meet the person of your dreams, it’s bound to be fun — or at the very least, give you a good story for later.

3.    Treat yourself to a spa day! There’s no reason you don’t deserve a massage too, even if you’re going to see a professional to get one.

4.    Ask a guy friend! You can totally go on a platonic date, even if you spend the time laughing at all the cheesy couples.

5.    Have a party! Invite all your single (and couple!) friends over to your place. Entertaining is always so much fun and you won’t feel alone with all of those people at your place.

6.    Go to the gym! Not romantic, but if you’re frustrated that you haven’t found that person to spend your life with, use that energy and focus it into a great workout. You’ll leave feeling energized and better than when you went in.

7.    Organize a secret admirer — like a “Secret Santa!” You and your other single friends can secretly choose a name and you can organize and plan a special date for the two of you — non-romantic, but so fun!

8.    Ignore the whole event! There’s no reason you have to buy into all the hype and love-fest! You could just stay in that night, avoid all the commotion and use the evening to be productive; read that book you’ve been wanting to pick up or clean the spare room at home you’ve been putting off.

9.    Volunteer! Check and see if your local senior center or humane society could use some volunteers and give your love to those who need it that night.

10.    Be your own date! Take yourself out and enjoy yourself! Buy yourself some flowers, get dressed up, and take yourself out for dinner. There’s nothing wrong with treating yourself and giving yourself some much deserved love and attention.



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