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"Quality Control is Key" – Jose Prieto

Quality controlQuality control has been of major concern to several growing organizations especially because it ensures workplaces, employees and products are kept up to reasonable standard.

The most successful businesses in the world employ quality control as a process as part of their activities.

While many employ quality control checks periodically, it can be made a daily routine in companies that desire to start and maintain it.

Quality Control programs can be started by firstly determining the legal requirement which may be linked to the government’s quality regulations. Government quality regulations are usually linked to lawsuits, audits, and recalls if discrepancies are discovered.

Hiring a Quality Control expert can help make things easier as the expert may easily explain complex laws and come up with practicable Quality Control management plans for the company.

Always ensure that products received from suppliers are also up to the regulated standards. This can be done by primarily considering the details of the supplier’s quality control standards as well.

It is widely recommended that companies give incentives for quality control management so as to motivate staff maintain the strides. Departments or Units within the organization may be incentivized in cash or other prizes if they meet Quality Control goals.

Want to avoid defective products that call for reworking at extra costs? Employ QUALITY CONTROL!

Jose E. Prieto
President of Business Initiative Directions

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