UN Remembers Victims of Holocaust in Accra

HolocaustThe United Nations Information Centre has held events to commemorate the torturous killing of about 6 million people in the holocaust.

At a Remembrance Day movie review held at the Goethe Institute on Monday, the National Information Officer of the UN Information Centre, Ms. Cynthia Prah said this year’s celebration, themed “Journeys through the Holocaust” was to instill the memory of the tragedy in the minds of younger generation to prevent genocide from occurring again. She added that The Holocaust and the United Nations Outreach Program was to remind the world of the lessons to be learnt from the Holocaust in order to prevent future acts of genocide.

Dr. N.Y.B Sarpong, a lecturer at the history department of the University of Ghana in an interview disclosed that it was important to instill history of the holocaust into students so as to get them appreciate the gross negativity social segregation and discrimination can lead to if not spoken against and done away with.

He also stressed that young people must rise to speak against all forms of discrimination and remain quick to diffuse all looming dangers in the forms of extremist ideologies and class marginalization.

The United Nations declared the anniversary of the liberation of the Auschwitz death camp on January 27, as the International Day of Commemoration in memory of the victims of the Holocaust.


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