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BECE School Placements: How To Check Placement Details On Your Phone

PupilsProspective Senior High School students who wrote the Basic Education Certificate Examination few months ago can now check their placement details right on their mobile phones. The details can be checked via a text message. The Computerized School Selection and Placement System (CSSPS) will allow the students to see the schools they have been admitted to and program offered.

VIDEO: Steps to check BECE school placement on mobile phone

The CSSPS is a system used by the Ghana Education Service (GES) to place qualified Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) candidates into Senior High School (SHS), Technical Institutes (TI) and Vocational Institutes.

To receive details of your school placement: Text your ten digit index number + year of completion to short code 1060.

JUST IN: BECE placement: GES extends deadline; now September 5th

For instance, if you completed your exams in 2012 and your index number is 1234567890, text 123456789012 to short code 1060 on all networks. 

NOTE: Do not add [SPACE] between the index number and the year of exams

Do not write the full year [2013]. Write [13]


  1. How will people check their placement outside Ghana for this year’s BECE candidates’ placement? We can’t access it from Nigeria.

  2. Am findin difficulties in checkn ma placement

  3. 000601800513 1060 12345678910111213

  4. bece wetin i do u

  5. I sent a requast but no respond
    Is the system that slow pls . I need to know.

  6. If i text to see my school is not coming bt the information given me is the 12 digit index nunber you entered can not be found on the placement list wy bt my grade is also not bad i didn’t even get 5 in the core subjects why

  7. Pls sir i got 22 will i get school


  9. How do i print my school plcement from the net after checking it on my phone?
    Also, i will like to go to a different school either than the school i’ve been given, due to a little problem

  10. How do i print my school plcement from the net after checking it on my phone?
    Also, i will like to go to a different school either than the school i’ve been given, due to a little problem
    what do i do?

  11. When will the second phase of the placement be in

  12. Am philip lamptey and my index number is 0103191027 ,i have the placement card,but when i check it the reply they gave me is that the index number cannot be find in the placement list what should i do to get my school

  13. I haven’t been placed after which the 2nd placement came.I had 27 am I likely to get a school and is there any 3rd placement

  14. Adjei kwarteng Felix

    My placement has not come

  15. pls i had grade 13 n my placement is still not in..when will the second placement come?

  16. Priscilla Techie Mensah

    my sister had 19 and has not been placed in both first and second placement why?

  17. pls when will the second replacement be on net

  18. i have checked my placement on my phone. now it left with how to get it on the computer to print,,, am worried!

  19. i got 30 will get the second placement

  20. Why is it that some pupils with aggregates above 30 are placed and others aggregates below 30 not placed?

  21. The gov’t of ghana must make sure that ges(waec) placed student from grade 6 to 30 especially in the northern region so that those with this grade gets s.h.s before placing the other students with grade 30 and above

  22. Who can help me to check my school which is bece 2012?My index number is 0305019005.If u finished,pls contact:0248675214

  23. It was annaouced dat th bece second placement has com but i havnt see my school still

  24. please i want to know the school placement of the index number 0309066021 at Assin Obrayeko Jhs

  25. I’m done with my B.E.C.E and I think i did well.

  26. I bought the CSSPS card to check the school placement of my ward and have tried the website without any result. What should I do?

  27. I want 2 now the checking code 4 2014 BECE

  28. Am trying to just view the schools I choose for any error in the arrangement

  29. i want to check my schools via phone

  30. i want to get single number because i’m a step child so that government see me free.i reall need your help

  31. pls i want 2014 results

  32. When is the bece 2014 result going to come?

  33. Are the 2014 BECE placement list and the results out?

  34. Is the b.e.c.e rusults out?


  36. Check my Result

  37. To see my school placement plus result

  38. 2014 BECE PLACEMANT FOR 0050307157

  39. Wat is de cost 4 de check on de mobilefon?

  40. Please i have my mastercard but anytime i tried to check my they kept saying candidiates index number not found ; pending why please

  41. i want to know my b.e.c.e placement index number 0517125025. 2014

  42. plz when will the placement details for the BECE 2014 be announced so that we can get access to it on our mobiles

  43. Pls sir i choose ola girls i got but dnt have money i then want tu attend north school what should i do pls

  44. Can 2014 students check their placements

  45. How do I check my placement? I finished in 2014

  46. when will the 2014 bece placement be out


  48. How much does the text cost

  49. I want to see my placement

  50. I want to see my placement.l want to go to school.

  51. Please can 2014 students check their school placement?

  52. Which date will the 2014 BECE placement will be out

  53. I want a reply

  54. I want to see my placement

  55. I want see my school

  56. When I check my placemen on 1060 am no get any good feedback why

  57. pls i passed all de subjects but wen i check my placement,i was told its either a wrong index number or am not included in the choice list.wats going on pls?

  58. When will the 2014 BECE Placement come out?

  59. How do i check my placement

  60. i want to the percentage that pass.

  61. plz i had 09bt i had 3 in social stues m i likely 2 get prempeh college

  62. I want to see 2014 bece results here

  63. when I check the school placement is not coming, why it is not coming. it is not around.

  64. Tanx God 4 protection, through our exams

  65. is the 2014 B.e.c.e placement out?

  66. Is the Ejisu-Juaben District school placement out?

  67. Can i get de exact date when bece 2014 placement wil be in

  68. short code for checking school placements for the year 2014.

  69. how will I make corrections about the course that I want to persue?


  71. Pls did de school placement is in or code 4 dat

  72. Pls did u no de code 4 de placement of de school

  73. when is the 2014 bece placement coming out

  74. when will waec released the 2014 schools placement because is a high time I heard that is released which tends to panic us..

  75. has the bece placement come out

  76. replacement of christy D shs


  78. wen wl de second placement come

  79. Am Abdul Wahab from methodist jhs Bawku although i had grade bt still when i tried checking my placement they haven’t given me any index number 0903057068 and i completed 2014.some should help me.0554824324

  80. what is the site for checking bece placement

  81. I hav text my but i did not recive any reply.

  82. I heard that the placements for this year 2014 is out.
    so i check it by using my phone and it tells me my 12 digit numbers are not in the placement list so i should check whether is is correct.
    if it is correct then my results is pending.
    my grades to was not bad it was good.
    so what is the problem now please?

  83. Please i had 9 ones but when i have not been place so help me i beg

  84. please I have check My result, it came out with pinding, please what should I Do? please

  85. please sir i have got 30 the core subject science english,social i had 5 and maths 4 will i get school ?

  86. please what you are doing is not good atalll, i had a very good grade and did not get even my second choice.
    grade 19 geting third choice and 35 geting first choice, what are you trying to tell me.
    thunder fire you.

  87. please is the website funtioning properly b;cos my website is not working

  88. I sent e message n still no answer

  89. Please text for my placement but no response why?,

  90. Please I’ve text my index and examination year but there is no either my sch placement or any reply

  91. I want to see the school that i have get

  92. I got grade 16 but i get my late school.i did not fail in any of the core subject.

  93. Is it true that unsuccessful JHS leavers will be given the opportunity to re-rite as private candidates?
    If yes, when Will the first batch begin?

  94. We can nt get to the site and print our placement forms why

  95. I am finding it difficult to access for the placement

  96. my school placement haven’t com oooooo

  97. Pls am checkin ma sis sch for her, bat when i send de message, it displays dat message sendin failed.pls y

  98. Pls,when is the second replacement coming because im very worried when i heard my school is on pending so i should wait for the second replacement

  99. chale i can not have access to the page given to us to print the placement forms can u kindly resend the correct website. please.

  100. When will the second placement be on net

  101. when ever i test my index number to1060 i dont see my replacement.why!

  102. Please sir i only need the website to print my placement form …i have d cssps placement checker but dont know d site ..

  103. I heard that we should but a GES card to print our placement forms… How can i get the GES card?? And i wanna know, how true is that??

  104. Is the placement forms out and which website should we use

  105. why is it that people having grades 30 and above are getting placement and people with better grades placements are still on pending. Is it that they would not get or wat?

  106. Concerned Student

    Sir, since 6th October i have been trying to check my sisters placement on the computer to print out. But i keep getting service unavailable. Help me please

  107. God is good in making all things possible and assuring them quality future

  108. how do we print the placement form.becos any cafe u go they say the forms are not ready

  109. Sir, i want to check my placement but it displays password and username. if i enter card serial and pin numbers it doesn’t accept so what do a do?

  110. Pls I failed one core ( Maths) which I had 7 in it, I prefered to offer Accounting would I get my first choice? Because am now good in Mathematics and redy to face any maths chalenges. will I get my first choice?

  111. please how can i check the school placement and do the printout

  112. is the 2014 schools placement out on the net

  113. Dora Ahorble sacki

    please I have entered my index number, serial number and pin as required , but when I submit nothing opens. pls. what do I do?

  114. Ghana Education you are not correct at all

  115. Please when i checked my placement i had boys school also i did nt even choose Greater Accra Schools. Please help me.

  116. nothing works in this country. i have gone to buy a cssps placement checker and I cannot access the website and check my ward’s placement.

  117. GES have to do something about the system,it’s really upsetting

  118. pls send me. the. school. replacement

  119. pls send me. the. school. placement

  120. l need to know the placement of my school

  121. How to check my 2011 school placement

  122. Ofori yeboah Collins

    My name is Asafo Alexandra Agyei . index no 0514014045. I want to know the school where i was placed and the course offered

  123. pls,i would like to know if i can still download my 2013 placement form this year.

  124. pls i want an shs school pls

  125. Please sir my name is Foster Dwamena when will the third placement will redraw

  126. pls i have check the placement the way it should be checked but its not giving me the right thing pls

  127. kyeremateng godfred

    please i have enter my index number,name,year but nothing seams to appear what do i do?

  128. i want to see the school i had i completed in 2013


  130. want to check my placement . how can check . need website

  131. My name is Ntow Philip pls i won’t to see my placement,Grade and the School location.
    Index number0502124067(14)1060

  132. I went to see the school was place d

  133. very nice job

  134. My name is Eugenia Mensah
    My school placements

  135. i want to see that my schools that i choose were correct

  136. Do they deduct credit when you send that message to 1060 please

  137. I want to know my school choosing me . Index number071 2018064

  138. l know by the of Almighty God’s things am pass in Jesus name amen

  139. pls my name is zigah Felix sakyi i want to knw the school am placed in the course offered pls

  140. i want to check the bece 2015

  141. It does not work. I have texted and texted and texted even with several index numbers and non worked. It just credit wasting

  142. Lemuel ankrah ken narh

    I want to know the school where I was place and the course offeredIa

  143. Samuel Amoako Junior

    please i want to see my placement 020600800215

  144. Pls my name is tandoh kwadwo prince i want to know if u have change any of my choice of school

  145. pls I check my brodas skul placement bt it decent Come

  146. notify me wit de skul i got nd course i ll be offering thrpugh facebook.lambert.nyaaba.1.i wtote on 2015.bece.index 0501076073

  147. I will like to work with your companer

  148. l want to see the time the school will relized

  149. anytime I enter my index number(050811201015) to the short code (1060) they tell me it’s wrong meanwhile they deduct 1cedi airtime. please what should I do

  150. MAY god let all std get placement amen by

  151. I checked my placement but nothin came ..why

  152. pls am Peter Kome my index no. is 0101144043(15) and I want to know the school I was posted

  153. i have tested several times but to avail

  154. nti nkansah Emmanuel

    need my school replacement

  155. my name is Zakaria Abdul Rashid i want know the school am place to go and the course am to study index no 0826007098

  156. Please why is it that when you send the index number to tigo it does not come

  157. is another list coming,the placement

  158. My daughter name is Asare Vivian Aku. pls, Iwant to know the school she was placed – index no. 0701176004

  159. pls am mutari abdul basit i want to know the school i placed

  160. is the bece placement actually out 2015

  161. is the bece placement actually out 2015

  162. My name is Raymond Kwakye my index no is 040105503015 I want to no the school were I am posted and the course offered

  163. please why is it that school placement has been slow. Even sent a it doesn’t go, waec do something.

  164. Anthony Kulaa Deme

    please may i know when bece students can print their placement on the internet.

  165. please when will the final placement be out

  166. Is not going through 0501423036 is my index number

  167. why are waec delaying we want it fast.

  168. text your index number and add 15 and send to short code 1060 on all networks

  169. Please when are the online placement forms going to be available for printing….

  170. am Buuh kwabena ,index 0414028006 I had 15 but my school is not yet out please.

  171. My name is Daniella Tweneboah I want to check my BECE results and placement of school and course offered

  172. Dugbartey Rena Dugbarkie

    Please i want to know my school placement

  173. my name is asamoah isaac i want to change my school that i choose.

  174. My name is Edmund ofori otoo and my lndex number is 0310094003 I went to no the school that I get

  175. my name is Hodzi Felix my index number is 0711023033

  176. My name is Hiatsi harriet my index no is 0701129032 l want to no the school were l am posted and the course offered

  177. Please can you help me see my BECE result,this is my index number please hope to hear from you soon,0304155011.

  178. pls i want to check my school placement.

  179. My name is sarata Abubakari i want to know the school i got

  180. my name is micheal ben aryee want to know the school am posted to my index 0319182004 is 2016 the year

  181. 061104402416 1060

  182. my name is Yeboah Godfred index no 061104402416.i want to know school I was place.

  183. my name is Yeboah Godfred index no 061104402416 1060.i want to know school I was place.

  184. My name is gyedu charles. My index number is 0507015026. I want to check the school i get

  185. Asante elsie nana ofosua

    Pls hw can we check our skul on our phone

  186. my name is Ahiamadia Godwin i cheeked my school placement and I have not been placed in any school

  187. my name is Ahiamadia Godwin i checked my school placement and I have not been placed in any school

  188. when will the b e c e candidate start school
    the government should do something about it bcos the results there was many mistakes

  189. I Heard That The School Placement Is Out, So I Check It With My Phone Bat When I Check Mine, They Reply Me By Saying Mine 12 Digits Is Not Correct…..Please Help Me

  190. the wace school placement has been too late papa .i want to know the school i got then get
    for admission from there.

  191. Boateng Francious Asamoah

    My name is Boateng Francious Asamoah.I want to no the school i was placed to.0501381043.

  192. i want to check it online, because it is required to go to the school with a hard copy

  193. eiii ghana up to date we re still suffering from school placement hmmmm its a shame to the G.E.S OF OUR MOTHER COUNTRY…

  194. Please I have been checking my school placement but any time I checked it say the index number u enter has not been placed in any on ur chose please help me


  196. I finished JHS this year and I don’t know the school I am going because when I send my index number to the short code 1060 dey will tell me I hv not been placed . When I checked on the internet to print my school they also told me I have not been placed yet

  197. Agyekum Richmond

    please I haven’t get my school I need it please I need help my index number is 0504088007 I attend Owusu Banahene International school.please I need your help

  198. please I have checked my school over and over but my placement hasn’t come and I learnt all my mate had a placement so is possible that I will not get a school

  199. my name is okyere fordjour rapheal
    please when I checked my school it doesn’t come
    they says to be that am not placed in any of my choices.
    please help me my mum is presuring me
    please my index number is 0501057062
    I wrote my exams in 2016
    by now my school is not still in
    today I checked the same problem
    so please my mother even don’t give me food to eat .I went to my friends house for food so please help me .
    my grade comes whiles my school is not in
    and they are collecting people in many s.h.s
    so please am very sad and my friends is even laughing at me
    I known the person who is reading would help me
    thank u
    may god bless u

  200. How long will it take to get a reply, when you text your index number.

  201. I want to know my school placement.And this is my index number 0506048006 I completed school in 2013

  202. My name is Michael Ofosu and this is mine index number 0106174015 and I had 13 and my school is not out yet so that should I do now all of my friend are going to school and am still in the house please do something about it for me

  203. please my I know where st.anthony with code:0021012 be found

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