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CHECK HERE: 2013/2014 KNUST Admission List Out

KNUSTKwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology has finally released the list of undergraduate applicants admitted to pursue its various programs. The lists includes that of those who applied to pursue courses in the following programs;

  • BA Akan
  • BA English
  • BSc Economics
  • BSc Real Estate
  • BSc Chemistry
  • LLB
  • BSc Civil Engineering

7074 students have so far being admitted.

Admitted students are expected to log in with their Card/Application Number to print a provisional offer letter to print their provisional admission letters.







  1. so when will they the rest of the admissioo list

  2. i registered for human biology and biochemistry fee paying. and now i have been given admission as a regular student in a course i don’t want. what do i do? do i wait for another admission letter as a fee paying student or what.

  3. please, is dat all e list for Bsc Real estate n BA Geog n rural development

  4. When will they release that of the BSc physics ,mathematics and agriculture engineering ?

  5. l want to go to ur school

  6. please, is dat all e list 4 Bsc real estate n Geog. n rural development. pls, answer me so dat l will know wat to do.

  7. please is that the only list or we should wait for another list

  8. pls is that a provisional list or a full list?

  9. plz when wil da ful list be out or we hv 2 cme 2 da skul 2 check

  10. I,Agbo Rita want to find out if there is another list arriving.I chose publishing studies,communication design,industrial art and int.rural art and industry

  11. I,Agbo Rita want to find out if there is another list arriving.I chose publishing studies,communication design,industrial art and int.rural art and industry

  12. When wil de list of Ghanaian fee paying applicant be out. Pls can fee paying applicant also see their names as a regular admitted student?

  13. Pls when will the late fee paying list be ready ?

  14. please when will Ghanaian fee paying applicants list be out?

  15. please is dat all the list for BSC metallurgical eng ?

  16. pls I won’t e lists of fee paying gh students

  17. If you have bought and applied as a regular student and later applied for late fee paying online and later decided to disqualify urself by choosing more than two programs wud ur regular application be disqualified ?

  18. when will the late fee paying list be out

  19. pls when Will the list of late fee paying Will be out

  20. Am evelyn abena ofosu,i did not register as a fee paying student but i want my name to be included as a fee paying student.tanx.

  21. Am evelyn abena ofosu,i didnt register as a fee paying student but i want to included as a fee paying ghanaian student since i did not meet the cut off point.tanx.

  22. I hav been admitted to bsc chem. I want to come to school next week. Is it posible

  23. Please is BA Economics list out, if no when…? thanks

  24. shld i expect more of the BA Econs list, pls….?


    when will the other programs’ lists be out?

  26. Pls is the the full list or the provisional and wen will the full list comes so that we should no please

  27. Pls i used the code send by knust to applied as Ghanaian fee paying student on 10 sep but still i cnt find it on list pls helh me

  28. pls,hav dey updated some of e list ?

  29. Arthur Marian Baaba Janet

    Pls hw do I check

  30. are these all the list for the sssce/wassce applicants

  31. pls when are the rest of the list coming out

  32. Gbetodeme Foster MK

    Please i am so nervous, i have chosen courses far below my grade but have not seen my name in the list even after this few updates, i really want to know what is happening, please i seriously need a reply, urgently because i am so confused! Thank you.

  33. Pls das aplyin fr fee payin guarantee u of admission ba a diffrnt corse or u wnt be admitted at al

  34. Wil u be sent a mesage to notify u or u ave to chk frm de list

  35. KUSI, Clement Arthur

    i recieved a text messsage to fill the fee paying form online,if i want. i did but now i have gotten no reply.what do i do.

  36. pls regular students n fee paying students Will be going to school the same date becos I applied as a fee paying student when am applying my form by still they sent me a massage dat do I wish to apply as fee paying student pls I went know weather e first e one I fill did not reach them well so pls pls help me n can I use e code they sent to applies another one

  37. pls wen is de late fee paying list going to be out

  38. pls re we going to get a final list or dis is jst de list

  39. Pls waitin for mine fee paying

  40. when is the second list coming

  41. plz why does da list keep on reducing if dey re updatn why i wnt 2 knw

  42. Sorry am Gogobli Christine Kumah, applied as graduate repaying LLB part time, want to know if that is all the list for admissions pls

  43. pls, I had a message from knust dat there is a limited vacancies for parallel programs @ knust so u can apply. please wat is e rational / motive behind dat?

  44. Pls wen wil de rest of the list be out

  45. Pls sir is de list for parallel applicants out

  46. pls when is the deadline for application

  47. pls when is the deadline for admission

  48. please does applying fee paying guarantee you of admission….my bro got grade 18 n has applied for fee paying whiles the 2 particular courses he applied 4 are single grade courses….is he guarantee of having admission of any???

  49. I bought forms of knust but i did not realise that my grade will be too low for the courses. So i was not given any course, will somebody or lecturers help me bcos i yearn for knust.God help ;me…

  50. pls what is the parallel program and how different is it from the normal ones

  51. Please, I applied for Bsc in electrical engineering…I have been trying to check my admission no avail.has the admission closed?

  52. i received a text to enter a website which was parallel programme i did all i was supposed to do but i have not yet received a response

  53. pls, wat is e motive behind e fee paying n e parallel programs messages dey texted me.

  54. please is this the final list

  55. Pls I have received a message both on fee
    paying nd parallel programs nd have done everything nessarry but sttill no reply y

  56. I want to apply fr de parallel program i need a help pls

  57. the website for the parallel student is not responding

  58. l lyk ur.skuul.but my grade is 16 so can l apply bsc.metallurgical engeneering.

  59. pls i’ve applied 4 fee payn bt no news,shd i continue waitn 4 da upgradn of da list

  60. kwabena oduro-nsenkyire

    Pls I had 07 and applied for late fee paying(ie.Human Biology and Doctor of Pharmacy), I didn’t get any. Pls I want to know the reason why. It is not fair…

  61. pls has the late fee-paying applicant list been updated

  62. pls when is the list for the parallel programme be released.

  63. hello..please will there be another list out.cause i have check saaaa…… any message for me wether i have got or not…

  64. want to know if on applied and has not received a message what should be done. when will the final list be out?

  65. I applied for fee paying Human Biology and Doc of Pharmacy but no response to date. My application number is; 20350610. Will it be late if i want to change to B,Sc Electrical and Electronics Eng. since i may not get my first choice?

  66. who is a parallel applicant

  67. I am yet to receive any alert of my admission. Please help me check if all the names have being released. And also if mine has being released. I want to study pharmacy at KNUST

  68. I want to know if the applicants of Pharmacy have already gained admission in the university

  69. please i cannot see my name in the list

  70. pls my results were blocked by waec at de time of admission and now i have it so how do i get admission for the late fee paying?if i bring it to de sch will it be accepted and processed???

  71. Pls i ws told to apply 4 fee-payn n i did bt there was no response,nw am being told to apply 4 distance learning,i dnt think i really undastand wat is going on Mr.Jonas,can u help me wif sm answers?

  72. pls i applied for de parallel programme but de admitted lists is not responding and i was sent a msg last nite for distance learning whatever. i don’t get it

  73. Please I need the cut off point in all science courses for 2013/2014

  74. please i gained admission under the parallel program,i have my letter alright but haven’t payed my fees and now am ready to pay so can i go ahead

  75. Plse i want to apply as a mature applicant for the 2014/2015 academic year .What is involve with regards to that.EMMANUEL A.

  76. kyereh william karikari

    can I apply for degree in mechanical engineering using diploma in mechanical engineering

  77. Admission into 2014 to 2015 information ad application forms.

  78. please I’ve been admitted for idl but I want to start next year can I print the letter and pay the fees when I want to start?

  79. Dear sir,
    I would like to use this opportunity to express my sincere gratitude to you for granting me admission into the kwame Nkrumah university of since and technology.Due to one or two things beyond me control,I can’t turn up.I would thereby be grateful if my place is given to someone Who hasn’t got.
    Thank you.
    yours faithfully,
    Abusa Yao.

  80. Dear sir,
    I would like to use this opportunity to express my sincere gratitude to you for granting me admission into the kwame Nkrumah university of science and technology.Due to one or two things beyond my control,I can’t turn up.I would thereby be grateful if my place is given to someone Who hasn’t got.
    Thank you.
    yours faithfully,
    Abusa Yao.

  81. Where can i buy application forms in Accra and what do i need to go through?

  82. Where can i buy application forms and what processes do i need to go through

  83. pls i want to know when was the admission list of list of idl coming out .

  84. pls tell me list of idl 2013/2014,when is it coming out

  85. Pls sir i want know 2014/2015 is coming out.

  86. Pls sir i want know 2014/2015 jamb form is coming out

  87. why that prestige attach to knust

  88. I just saw the list now and found my name on the PG program. Is it still possible to come to school for end of November or what best can I do? Thanks

  89. what the least wace grade for electrical engineering.


  91. I realy want 2 apply 4 knust next year. 2014/2015. I want 2 ask if there wil be admision on january. And if there is, where and how can i get the application form and summit 2. Knust official shuld plz send their numbers so i can call on informations. Tank u

  92. Please want to know when 2014/2015 admmission forms will be out.thanks.

  93. Opoku sarfowaa grace

    I bought forms forms 4 knust but they didnt giv me ani reply

  94. Please am a dispensing assistant who is curently working in the reg ional hosp koforidua.has been in the service for 3years a general art student and i obtained B in al the core subject n B in my elective.can i be offered pharmacy in the next admission 2014/2015

  95. help me know the price if i apply for marketing

  96. i want to no if knust have introduced clinical biochemistry

  97. Idl top up, for quantities /construction economy. …. Is that the final list 161 students can’t c my name 2013/14

  98. 1.Idl top up, quantities /economics, is that the final list 161, or there would be another list out, and 2.which criteria do they use in selection. ….

  99. Alhassan Salawudeen

    For the Geomatic Engineering, is that the final list or they will be another second list.

  100. Pls when will 2013/2014 adimission forms. be out

  101. Pls when will forms for the next IDL admissions be out .

  102. Plz wen will the 2014/2015 application form of knust b out, plz i wana apply..

  103. Wen wil d 2014/2015 form b out plz

  104. Eeeei no be easy ooo gh university

  105. I want to apply adamission in the school.i like to offer programme in LLB

  106. pls i want to know the cost of the admssn forms for 2014/2015 yr??

  107. Plz notify me wen it’s out

  108. Tibiru Boniface Wenawome

    please when will the IDL forms be out, the cost of form, and cost of admission?
    thank you, for your time.

  109. I want study applied biology can i further to become a doctor

  110. Please i want to know when will the forms will be out for sale

  111. I want to ofer accounting.what is minimum grade

  112. when will forms be released?

  113. I have carefully studied the mode and procedures regarding a successful admission into K N U S T as far as L L B is concerned. Now, what i do not know is the areas and overview of the examinable questions with respect to the Entrance Exams

    • for the entrance exams its just a platform to be able to cut down on the number of students entering the university, i will advice that you read wide and concentrate more on your chemistry and laws in chemistry and biology as well because they dont have a specific area for that

  114. How much is the addmission form and hw much is the complete 4 years program fee pls in naira course biological science or Agriculture

  115. Please if you have diploma certificate and you want to apply for a degree in your school, what is required


    pls notify me when the 2014/2015 admission forms are out.thank you

  117. patience okonkwo

    please wen is the admission of 2014/2915 international students be out??

  118. patience okonkwo

    please wen is the admission of 2014/2915 international students be out?

  119. When will the 2014/2015 forms be sold

  120. Wen Ar U Startn’ Selin’ Aplication 4mz 4 De Next Intake? & Hw Many Intakes Do U Offer In A Year?

  121. Notify me when the 2014-2015 admission form is released and the requirement for offering Medi. Lab.

  122. Let people learn so as to eradicate and terminate ignorance

  123. theddeous B kabruk

    Wii someone be giving admission 2 study architecture without chemistry

  124. Linda Oduro Mensah


  125. Linda Oduro Mensah

    i mean my name was not involved in the list


  127. i nkosingphile shongwe i applied December 2013 i want to know if i qualify or not

  128. Please when will 2014/2015 forms be out

  129. Pls,won’t the form end before the release of waec result?

  130. Pls want to knw the courses I can offer wit gettin : social std – B3. Int.sci -B3. Core maths – C6. English – C6. Chemistry- C4. Biology-C4. E.maths – C5. Physics-C6. These grades . Pls help am facing a difficult family dilemma with my education at home

  131. please when will 2014/2015 admission forms be out

  132. pls notify me for 2014/2015 admission

  133. Please can one use Bed mathematics(seccondary school) certificate with secondary school science program certificate to read health statistics in knust? Thank you.

  134. u just timing everything wil b ok

  135. when will the 2014/2015 be out

  136. de forms are out now

  137. Pls, is it possible 4 one majoring in SOWK to change his programme to Accounting or Marketing @ KNUST and if possible, what is de procedure involved?

  138. pls i want to knw whether i will be admitted in ucc to purse B com with aggregate 14

  139. When are they releasing the admission forms for top-up for 2014/2015?

  140. Wher Cn I Gt An Apliction Form Apart From Coming 2 Knust,i’m In Chingola.

  141. I base in nigeria, n i wana purchase d 20142015 form, whr can i get if frOm….??

  142. Appiah Kubi Darlington

    How much is the addmision forms

  143. Oppong Karikari Godfred

    please I fail in only math and am preparing to write novdec this year and I want ask if I can buy the form this year and also if I will be admitted this year.

    • You can apply only if you want to use full results of the one in which you failed maths. You can’t apply to KNUST without having your maths results out. Its either you wait, write the nov/dec and apply next year (recommended) or you apply this year with the grade in which you failed in maths (You have a slim chance of being admitted with this)

  144. pls in filling my application forms where I was supposed to provide only surname I wrote both names,agyekum thomas.pls wat can I do abt it

  145. Aheto Senanu Michael

    I sat for sssce in 2002and had the ff grades Maths B Science D English E Social D Woodwork D E-Maths E Building Con. D Tech.Drawing E can i be admitted into Bsc.IT

  146. please am about to write wassce but I heard there would be no admission for us.
    please is it true?

  147. Whr Cn I Buy A Form Apart From Knust,i’m In Chingola

  148. please when will be closing date for buying of forms

  149. pls can one apply with an aggregate of 18 for law as fee- paying? can she be given law to do or is advisable
    to apply for parallel programs?

  150. Can someone apply with two seating result waec waec????

  151. Blessing Abraham

    hello ,I just want to know if I can combine both my waec and neco results

  152. when will the 2014 admissions be out

  153. abdul rahman seidu

    plz am in accra nw, n where can i get the forms to buy, by the way did knust really encourage sports bcz am a great sportser

  154. MY total grade is 26 but i didnt fail any of the subject can i b admitted

  155. I want to ask when will the distance learners admission list come out and date for schooling.How much is the cost of the forms and courses with their cut offs. Thank you

  156. Please when is d closing date for submission of admission forms?

  157. I sat for d 2012 wassce exam bt I still don’t have my results certificate ,can I apply with my result slip(Internet result checker slip) only?D one I
    checked on d internet, Is it accepted?

  158. Jasmine hassan daimah

    Wen is d deadline 4 submitting knust undergraduate admission it may or wen

  159. prince Nicholas Nkrumah

    Am 47 years of age I have City and Guild in Quantity Surveying I also have 17 years working experience, do I qualify to apply.

  160. I am 47 years of age I have City and Guild in Quantity Surveying, I also have
    17 years working experience. Do I qualify to Apply?.

  161. pls due to ma best six i had 4bs n 2cs,construction technology and management,i hope i gonna get admission.

  162. samuel asiamah koranteng

    pls i offrd techncl in skul and had D7 in electve maths,i wrote novdec and had C6 in chemistry in place of elctve maths,wil i be admitd

  163. medici nana kepler

    pls i completed 2012 and had a pass in electve maths D7,i wrote novdec and had a credit in chemistry in place of elective maths,pls is it possible and can i be admitted

  164. I did complete my online registration and sent my documents through DHL. I want to know how to process an online admission letter. Please help me.

  165. Pls I want admissions in 2015 so when am I suppose to buy the forns

  166. chimuanya hanson chigbu

    when will the 2014/2015 admission list be out? Am really proud of this wonderful institution, keep it up

  167. chimuanya hanson chigbu

    when will the 2014/2015 admission list be out? Am really proud of this wonderful institution.

  168. adoma phinehas

    please when will the admission list be out?

  169. pls, when will the admission list for 2014/2015 academic year be out?

  170. Rabiw sherif karim

    please where cab i get the 2016 forms ti buy …

  171. i dey fill knust too much

  172. pls when will the list for the qualified applicants for the graduate students be released.

  173. i would like to be informed when the list of admitted students is out.

  174. Pls i bought a form this year.When will the list be out.My name is MANU EBENEZER

  175. assani abdul-samed

    when wil de admissions for 2014/2015 comes out pls.

  176. I applied for postgraduate but did not receive any text message of confirmation

    I also want to know the interview/entrance examination date for Mphil sociology (postgraduate,2014/2015)

  177. Will I get admission with aggregate 13 to pursue chemistry

  178. hw much is addimition form.

  179. pls iwant admission in 2015 so when am i suppose to buy the form?in maths

  180. brandful rutherford

    Plz wen wl d 2014/2015 admision list come

  181. When are the awaiting forms coming out

  182. Please when can we start printing our admission letters

  183. Clifford Abrokwah

    Please am finding it difficult when logging in and please how would you no if u have also been offered admissions to thank you

  184. i cant log into my application it says invalid scratch card no. So how can i print de letter

  185. pls the admission list out

  186. Anala Errand Deyaaka

    i will very grateful if u could get me informed on when the interview for emergency nursing will be conducted

  187. Darkwah Kwame Emmanuel

    When is the rist for the 2013/2014 graduation list will be out?

  188. Alhassan fahad gandy

    Pls when are the 2014-2015 succesful applicants supposed to print their admission letters?pls reply.

  189. Alhassan fahad gandy

    Pls i accidentally typed the wrong e-mail address on my 2014/15 knust application will i noe if the time to print the admission letter is due?pls reply.

  190. Arthur yamoah Kenneth

    please when will the admission start

  191. Pls when will 2014/2015 admission form be released

  192. please when are we expected to print the provisional admission letters…
    any information should be communicated through 0279520524/0544508705
    Thank you

  193. anyone with any information should do well to contact me on 0544508705/0279520524

  194. anyone with any information should do well to contact me on 0279520524

  195. when will the admission letter be out?

  196. Hi, how can i get admission into KNUST to study Anaesthesia Technology.

  197. please, will the applicants of LL.B undergraduate(2014/2015) be called for interview, and if yes how and when would the information be communicated to them?

  198. Mohammed Sani Raphic


  199. Mohammed Sani Raphic

    do you have any idea the amount of the admission fees???

  200. pls r the previous years admission list still on the internet

  201. pls i wish to knw when the postgraduate in biotechnology admission list will be out

  202. pls does knust offer diploma in post harvest

  203. Pls when should we print our admission letter

  204. Hi, my problem is, I don’t have my application number who star with (20….) to confirm my admission in K.N.U.S.T please I want that you help me.

  205. I applied for a master degree in civil engineering.and I’m waiting for my admission letter.when will it be ready??and what about the lists??

  206. mumuni mohammed kamil

    please is application for 2014 -15 still progress ?

  207. pls im a fee paying applicant and there is no result available list for geologyical engineering and i want to know why

  208. Dorothy efua baah

    pls when is the last date for the admission letter.

  209. Richard Doughan

    Please when is the deadline for the payment of fees n when will the freshmen are to report after admission ? N what is the amount of fees for Biochemistry ?

  210. I want to get admission to KNUST

  211. Am from nigeria and I
    want to get admission to KNUST

  212. the admission is taking long please why
    notify me on 0247490542

  213. has admission into knust ended

  214. pls do u still hav some of ur forms selling

  215. pls when will 2014 admission be out. Again,when will the forms for 2014 be out.Briefly tell cut off point for engineering programs

  216. Obeng Mpiani Ernest

    Please can apply if I had English -c5, social-b3, maths -d7, science -e8,lit -in-english-c6, French -b3, government -b3, and history -c6

  217. Obeng Mpiani Ernest

    Please can apply for admission at knust if I had English -c5, social-b3, maths -d7, science -e8,lit -in-english-c6, French -b3, government -b3, and history -c6

  218. When will the admission form for 2015 student be out

  219. When will the admission form for 2015 be out please

  220. please i would like to know when the 2015/2016 acadamic year forms will be out.


    P/s why can’t u offer an opportunity to for those who have 3rd class cos of unfortunate uneventful circumstance to enrol for the LLB as some perform much better than even so-called 1st class student.You can prove me right if u conduct a survey.

  222. pls. your mobile admission notice came very late. i had my on the 15th jan 2015 and the deadline for payment of fees is 16th jan.2015

  223. Pls ah the forms out 4 2015/2016,if yes how much?

  224. Can I change my application mode after submitting the knust form

  225. please I didn’t receive the message for changing programs if possible so how it be whiles all my friends received.

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