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The War In Syria: How Africa, U.S, Russia, Iran and Others Will Be Affected (Part 1)

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War aircraftI was caught up by the Spirit of God to a barren land, a place of stark aridity where I saw two spirits discussing and rejoicing. These two spirits are evil spirits. They were saying, we will receive so many souls now as they are about to go into this war in SYRIA. Immediately, the heavens opened and light glinted to the barren land. The two demonic Spirits disappeared. I look up and I saw two spirits that looked somewhat transparent. They came down from heaven. “We have been sent to tempt Obama into attacking SYRIA so that the judgment of our God will fully be poured on the land of the U.S. That land is filled with abominations.” The two Spirits looked at each other and streams of tears poured down in a quick movement. The second transparent Spirit said to me, “Those who trust in the strength of jets and missiles and even drones will be surprised.” He paused and bowed his head: “But do not be down cast son of man. The redeemed of our God will be fully protected.” The second spirit cut in, “Yes, at that sullen and dark night, jets and missiles shall fly over America. High-rise buildings and military bases shall be struck.” The first Spirit interjected, “indeed son of man, this is not the World war three, but its devastation can be somehow equated to it.” The Spirits cast their gaze on the vast expanse of land in front of us. Then the second Spirit said, “men whenever the Lord has exalted them, they come back to slap him on his face.”

“True”, the first Spirit added, ” we have seen that in the ancient Israel. They go astray each time they fine peace. Now America has sliped down even though is it our God who exalted her.” The other Spirit said with upraise hands as if he wanted to call my attention to something. Two fighter Jets zoom pass us with alarming rapidity. I shrank my shoulders in fear. Not far away from us, the loud sound of missiles exploded. The second Spirit said, ” son of my man, fear not for those who are of our God are always protected and covered.” The two Spirits prostrated on the ground. Jesus appeared. They rose to their feets, bowed and vanished.

Jesus looked at me speechlessly. Then he lifted up in hands and I found myself in the U.S.A. It was the aftermath of the attack by Russia and Iran and some Middle East countries. There were many high-rise buildings that were destroyed. I was struggling a great deal to breathe because the air was conterminated. It was full of dust. I saw a woman who had her hands on her head wailing. Her husband and children were buried in the rubbles of a destroyed sky scrapper. Even as I was walking, another missile struck a military base. The U.S military were still preparing to attack back from the enemies, mainly Russia, Iran and some middle East countries.

Quickly, I was returned back to the barren land. Jesus said to me, “This attack will happen soon. After this attack on the U.S, I will lift up my hands from the heaven and stir the waters. It will swell and flood many cities in the United States. I will strike the land with my righteous hand and volcanoes will spring up in many city centres until this nation which was once exalted before my eyes wake up from its slumber. The devastation shall indeed be great.”

I was carried again quickly to Russia. I saw the consequences of the reprisal attacks the U.S made on Russia. Plume of smoke continue to rise into the air. I saw many rescue workers speaking Russian trying to help those affected by the missiles fired by the U.S.

I was again brought back and Jesus was standing on the barren land. He said, “Men will know that I am God when I will lift up my hands to righteously bring judgment on America. There are three signs you see before this war starts. 1) Th president of the U.S will visit many influential countries to make friends with them in other to solicit for support when the war starts. He has already made those visits to Africa. 2) Russia will come out clearly to state that it will willingly go to war with any nation that attempt to disrespect the UN conventions. 3) China will send many military aid to SYRIA. When you see this happening, know that it is the judgment coming upon America. I will protect my children.”

After saying this, he disappeared.

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