Hajj Committee Announces Package for 2013 Pilgrimage

Hajj Committee announces package for 2013 pilgrimage The National Hajj Committee (NHC) says it is ready to ensure an incident free pilgrimage for Muslims this year.

Mr Ibrahim Abdul-Rauf Tanko, Chairman of the Committee, told journalists at a briefing to announce the 2013 Hajj package that Ghana had already paid in advance services for 6,780 prospective pilgrims, the maximum quota given to the committee.

The Hajj package include accommodation and transport services in Saudi Arabia, flight, food and other services.

According to Mr Tanko, each prospective pilgrim would pay a total amount of $3,450 or its cedi equivalent.

He said payment would be based on first-come-first-serve basis, adding that no payment would be accepted after the deadline.

“The committee will only accept payment after the deadline if the quota was not exhausted and the pilgrim will pay a penalty of $50.00,” he added.

The Chairman said all Hajj payments should be made into Access Bank Ghana Limited dollar account 0091012177971 or the cedi account0090222177971.

He said payment could be made directly either into any of the two account numbers or through accredited agents.

Mr Tanko asked pilgrims to obtain receipts for verification and registration and avoid making payments to individuals.

He appealed to prospective pilgrims and the general public to comply with the modalities for the payment deadline when it is announced to avoid any inconveniences.

He also called on prospective pilgrims who have no passports to start the process for acquiring one to facilitate visa acquisition and to undergo vaccination for acquisition of yellow cards.


Source: GNA

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