AMA’s Directive Is Good – Traders

Accra HawkersSome traders in the major markets in Accra have welcomed the Accra Metropolitan Assembly’s directive to close all shops by 6pm.

According to the AMA, the directive is one of the measures being introduced to curb the recent fire outbreaks in the markets.

In an interview with Citi News the traders stated that the directive is in the right direction.

“Since the market is open at 6:00am around and it is supposed to close around 18:00”, the market is not a dwelling place for anyone, a trader said.

The trader also added when the market is opened earlier than 6:00am, thieves are likely to invade the market and steal their wares.

According to her, there are big shops that close around 19:00 so if consumers or customers want to shop, they can buy their wares from the big shops.

Other traders indicated that it would help solve some of the sanitation challenges that the markets face because a lot of the market women do not keep their garbage at the right places and end up throwing them in front of the shops of other traders at night.


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