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SEE: Toronto Mayor Caught on Video Smoking Cocaine

The mayor of Toronto, Canada, Rob Ford, was caught on video smoking cocaine, according to a video recently made public.

The video was recorded by a private citizen who is looking to sell the video for at least $100,000.

According to the person who shot the video, the video was recorded in the past six months.
Ford allegedly bought the crack from a dealer who is popular among the elite of the city. Staff members along with the mayor’s brother were seen buying the crack.

A Canadian newspaper offered $40,000 to buy the video, but was told it was not enough. The owner wanted to sell it for at least $100,000.

“This is a serious charge, and if true the mayor should immediately resign. We cannot have politicians in a position of leadership while under the influence of drugs, and that is besides the criminality involved in purchasing and possessing illegal drugs,” Doris Kennedy, 38, of Toronto, Canada told after learning about the cocaine allegations against Toronto mayor Rob Ford.

This is not the first time that the mayor has been accused of smoking crack. Former mayoral candidate Sarah Thomson said that Ford appeared to be under the influence of cocaine at a party in March, at which time he grabbed and squeezed her behind.
Ford called her a liar and demanded an apology.


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