Amasaman: 10-Year Old Girl Commits Suicide

suicide-hanging-ropeA 10-year old girl is reported to have committed suicide at Amasaman in the Greater Accra Region. The young girl, whose name was not mentioned, was found dead dangling under a mango tree she hanged her neck on Thursday evening around 6pm.

According to our informant, a taxi driver, he was driving on Wednesday evening around Amasaman when he saw some young people rush to the side of the road signaling him to stop. The young people, one of who was carrying a young girl on his shoulder boarded the car and they moved to the Amasaman government hospital.

“Upon arrival at the hospital, the doctor pronounced the girl was dead……. You could see marks of a rope around her neck”.

According to a family source, the girl had been recalcitrant and her mother reprimanded her on that fateful evening.

“We didn’t know where she went or did until we she saw her hanging on the tree. I personally went and held her leg up in attempt to ensure she didn’t die. Unfortunately she passed”. The family source said.

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