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Many More Have Died In Other Regions Than Ashanti – Defence Minister Tells Mrs Rawlings

Nana KunaduAt least seven persons have been gruesomely killed in the Ashanti regional capital of Kumasi within a fortnight, but Defence Minister Marko Woyongo says the situation is not as bad as being suggested.

It will therefore be erroneous for people to assume that the current situation there is strange enough to warrant claims that there is a “breakdown of law and order in our country”, he opined.

Former First Lady, Nana Konadu Agyemang-Rawlings, is one of the few who have expressed concern about the recent killings in Kumasi.

Speaking on Adom FM, she attributed the incident to a breakdown in law and order across the country. The former First Lady also maintained that the recent killings are due to the state of lawlessness in the country.

But Defence Minister Mark Woyongo told Joy News Mrs Rawlings was only blowing the issue out of proportion, describing the situation as “few incident”.

He asserted that similar skirmishes have been recorded in other regions as well – even on a larger scale.

“So for you to just assume that because this thing is happening in one region, you generalize to say that there is a breakdown of law and order in the country. I don’t think it is fair.”

Nevertheless, when asked if he would accept that there is a breakdown of law and order in the Ashanti Region, he replied:

“Because of just a few incident, you assume that there is total breakdown of law and order? … Seven deaths in two weeks; we have had instances of many more people dying in other regions, and we wouldn’t just assume that there is a breakdown of law and order. I don’t think it is right to generalize things like that. For me it is not fair.”

He suspected the security breaches in the regional capital, could be “isolated cases”, which can even happen in advanced countries.

However, Mr Woyongo maintained that the government was “not satisfy” with the current security situation in the region, and assured that the security is working around the clock to restore peace there.

The minister has also attributed the gun attacks in the region to the inability of the state to control the distribution of guns, especially those arriving from war torn countries.

He further maintained that the porous nature of the country’s border has also created rooms for unscrupulous people to smuggle small arms into the country.

“Will ensure there is sanity in the country,” he said, and assured residents of Kumasi that “their security would be assured in the few days to come.”

Source: Jeffrey Nyabor

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