Ga Chief Lays Claim to Kantamanto Market Land

Ga chief lays claim to Kantamanto Market landGbese Mantse Nii Ayi Bonte II is the latest to claim ownership of the land which both government and traders are struggling over.

You would recall the AMA chief executive saying the area will be developed into a modern market for the traders. A week after, Transport Minister, Dzifa Ativor said the area will be turned into a railway terminal.

But the Gbese Mantse is warning that appropriate legal action will be taken to prevent any re-development of the burnt market.

The chief tells Joy News the land was leased to the Ghana Railway Authority in 1908 for railway business and not for market purposes.

That lease, the chief says, expired in 2008 and requires renewal before any re-development can take place there.

He told Joy News’ Fred Smith through his spokesman, Niyibi Ayibonte, that they are prepared to go to court if they feel their rights are being trampled upon.


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