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UPDATE: Third Victim of ‘Ghanaian’ Pickaxe Killer Dies

blood_spatterAnother victim of Saturday’s violent pickaxe attack in Milan, Italy by an illegal immigrant, supposedly from Ghana, has died in hospital bringing the death toll to three, according to Italian newspaper Il Corriere.

Retiree Ermanno Masini, 64, from Modena, died this morning at 7.30am at the Policlinico in Milan after slipping into a coma two days after an operation to save his life. A combination of infection and severe head injuries led to his death.

Masini was rushed to the intensive care unit of the hospital on Saturday after being seriously injured by the 31-year-old killer, Mada Kabobo, in what seems to have been an unmotivated and vicious attack.

Yesterday, 21-year-old Daniel Carella died at Niguarda hospital, not far from where he was attacked, where doctors pronounced him brain dead at 10.50am after two ten-hour operations to save his life. Carella was struck in the head and back by pickaxe-wielding Kabobo while working at a newspaper kiosk with his father, according to Italian newspaper Il Giornale.

The deaths of the two men follow that of unemployed 40-year-old Alexander Carole who was struck by Kabobo’s pickaxe in front of an ice cream parlour and died immediately. Two others were injured in the attack but are not in critical conditions. Francesco Niro, a 50-year-old worker, was wounded in the head but was discharged from hospital on Sunday, and Andrea Camphor, aged 24, an employee of a supermarket, suffered a broken arm.

Kabobo was arrested by police on Saturday morning after the bloody attack between 5.40am and 6.35am in the Niguarda neighborhood of Milan. It is rumoured that the killer “feels bad” about the apparently unmotivated violence which has shocked Italians and reignited the debate about immigration.

A spokesperson at the Ghanaian Embassy Milan told GhanaWeb: “There is not much to say, all we know is what has been reported in the media. The ambassador is attending a meeting with the Italian authorites in Milan and will also be meeting the person involved (Mada Kabobo). We will make details of it known when he returns.”

Kabobo was in Italy illegally and had already been arrested and jailed for several offences including theft and rioting while on remand in prison. He skipped parole for his latest offence but was able to be identified by police quickly on Saturday through his fingerprints. Kabobo was not able to be deported as he had applied for asylum. His first application failed and he was awaiting the results of his appeal.

There are questions over whether Kabobo is actually a Ghanaian or is using Ghanaian documentation. Kabobo is an unusual Ghanaian name and checks would suggest it has Algerian origin. However, this cannot be verified at this time.

Read Il Giornale’s initial report on the attack here . Watch Il Corriere footage of the aftermath of the attack here.

Source: Il Corriere

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