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Strange Cat Attacks ‘Banku’ Seller

A 45-year-old banku seller, Ama Akyere, had a rare encounter with a cat which sneaked into her cover cloth early last Monday and sank its claws into the middle finger of her left arm.

Akyere had woken up at dawn last Monday, as usual, to prepare “banku”, a local dish made from maize, for sale.

While on a veranda near the place she prepares the banku, she fell asleep. She woke up suddenly and noticed a strange movement in her cover cloth.

She said to her surprise, she found a cat lying beside her and when she attempted to drive it away it sunk its claws into her right arm, ran and hid under a table nearby.

Madam Akyere indicated that not even the stones she and the people around pelted the cat would scare it to move away.

She said that after pelting the cat several times with the stones to drive it away without success, it suddenly attempted to flee the scene but the little crowd the scene had attracted decided to chase it.

Strangely, the cat turned on one of its assailants and sunk its claws into his limb.

Sensing danger due to the strange behaviour of the cat, the group stoned and clubbed it to death, and set its carcass ablaze.

When asked whether the cat might not have been suffering from rabies, Ama disagreed and told The Mirror that even though several cats were attracted to her spot due to the fish she prepares and sells together with the banku, none had scared her to that extent.

Akyere attributed the strange behaviour of the cat to the work of an evil spirit but she has since been vaccinated against rabies.

Source: Joe Okyere, Cape Coast

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