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Supreme Court Formally Requests KPMG To Audit Pink Sheets

supreme courtInformation available to Joy News indicates that the Supreme Court has formally written to the international accounting firm, KPMG tasked with the responsibility to count the contentious pink sheets.

Our sources also confirm KPMG has received the formal written request.

The KPMG will next week issue a formal reply to the court following which they will put a team together to plan how to execute the audit.

They are not willing to say how long it will take but we understand the audit could cost an estimated one hundred thousand dollars.

The request follows the ruling by the Supreme Court judges on Thursday that KPMG should conduct an audit into the 11,842 pink sheets submitted by the petitioners, after the respondents told the court what they have received falls far below what the petitioners have listed in their affidavits.

Lawyer for the third respondent, Tsatsu Tsikata had claimed the number of pink sheets they received from the petitioners was less than they claimed, and requested an audit be conducted.

The Supreme Court also ordered parties in the case to pay a deposit of 15,000 cedis as administrative fee for the auditing.

The court said parties are free to send two representatives each to observe the inventory and the cost of the audit would be borne by all the parties involved in the case.


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