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Sanitation Should Be Included In School Curricula

The Deputy Greater Accra Regional Chairman of the National Democratic Congress, Madam Sika Nartey has called on educational institutions in the nation to make sanitation a subject in their curricula.

She charged the institutions to ensure that from kindergarten to the tertiary level, sanitation programmes incorporated into their courses in order to instil discipline in the students.

She believed when education on keeping the nation clean begins in schools, the country will churn out people who will not litter around to create an unpleasant scene about the nation but rather a generation of refined attitude.

She was of a strong view that this approach will help build a generation which will adopt a proper character towards sanitation in the country.

“I think we should start education right from today in the schools. We should involve all the teachers so that our children will not drop the rubbish…Why is it that when you go outside, the place is so neat? It’s because they are law-abiding. It’s because they obey their rules and regulations.”

She also called on waste management organizations and companies in the nation to provide dustbins at every corner of the country as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

She added that the companies should in addition to providing the dustbins raise billboards across the nation educating the masses on the proper sanitary measures to undertake to keep the country neat.

She said, on Radio Gold’s newspaper review on Thursday, that “Let us start something on a pilot basis and see how far it will take us. Apart from that we need a lot of dustbins around…As part of their social responsibilities, they should give us dustbins along the way. They should also provide us with billboard that is instructing us not to drop things, maybe in picture form for those who are not educated and then in words for those who are educated, so that at the end of the day whilst we keep on sweeping; a time will come that we will not get anything to sweep because nobody is going to drop.”


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