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Amazing Health benefits of Banana

bananaBanana is a gift to mankind, its health benefits covers all human nutritional needs and you are missing a lot if you haven’t been including it in your recipes. Banana supplies energy to the body, improve bowel health, promotes positive mood, increases brain power, supplies essential Vitamins like B6 , and minerals like Potassium and Iron. Banana is also believed to possess the power to help smokers quit.

Banana supplies the body with energy by replacing used muscleglycogen {sugar}. Banana is one of the healthy sources of energy for the body. Glucose and fructose can be easily digested or broken down in the muscles m thus banana offers an easy energy supply. Banana also contains soluble fiber that helps the body to stop constipation and maintain regular bowel functions.

Another health benefit that comes with banana is mood elevation. Banana is believed to release a mood regulating substances- Tryptophan that is converted into serotonin in the brain- this hormone elevates happiness. Potassium is one of the mineral elements abundantly available in Banana; this mineral element improves the body’s circulatory system and helps it deliver Oxygen to the brain and the heart, this in turn helps in maintaining regular heartbeat and water balance.

Vitamin B6 is an essential Vitamin found in Banana, this regulates blood glucose levels and helps relieve some symptoms associated with high glucose levels such as stress, and cranky moods. Iron rich foods such as bananas are healthy for individuals trying to cope with anemia because Iron stimulates the production of hemoglobin in the blood.

One great health benefit of banana is that it suppresses the effect of nicotine withdrawal- psychologically and physically. This is why smokers trying to withdraw from chain smoking are advised to include banana in their daily dietary recipes. Brain power enhancement is another health benefit of consuming substantial bananas. Researches have shown that banana contain healthy substances that support the development and growth of the brain of a young child.


Source: ExpertsColumn

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