“Agya Koo Is An Idiot!”

Wait, so Agya Koo is an idiot? Who doesn’t know that man is a fool or comedian i should say but this is getting serious. Very often we have the relationship between journalists and celebrities going bad especially when some ‘controversial’ stories go out in circulation. It would be recalled that, recently a very interesting photo of a man who is reported to be Agya Koo’s showing his ‘buttocks’ taking over the internet in a story that claimed the comic actor had fed his buttocks and private parts to the cameras in a yet-to-be-released movie entitled “Okomfo Anokye”. Unsurprisingly, Agya Koo came out to rubbish the publication claiming such ‘hard’ butt wasn’t his and that his was flexible. While it seemed Agya Koo’s counter reaction had put the issue to rest, writer and editor of News One newspaper, Halifax Addo has reiterated that the story was true and that Agya Koo was telling lies, calling him an ‘idiot’. Halifax in a post commenting on Agya Koo’s counter statement to the earlier publication said,

“Sometimes I wonder why people are quick to deny media reports even when they know the reports are true. Just imagine an idiot like Agya Koo denying a story he knows to be very true…….IDIOTIC!”

Agya Koo knows he was telling a lie yet went ahead on radio to tell a big lie that he cannot defend. Agya Koo knows he has a written contract that tells what amount he charged for acting nude yet he went public to deny that he acted nude Is that not idiotic? Does it not take an idiot to behave that way?

Halifax insists the ‘buttocks’ in the photo was that of Agya Koo and that actor was only trying to put dust in the eyes of the innocent public. Halifax a known embodiment of controversial entertainment stories which according to him are truthfully factual hence finds it irritating when celebrities come out to debunk such publications. We at OMGGhana can’t confirm whose butt that is but Agya Koo says it is that of a guy called ‘Philip’ and he did it for pay on his behalf to fit in the movie. Kofi Adu aka. Agya Koo in 2010 led a group of actors and actresses especially in Kumasi in a demonstration against the display of butts and genital organs in Ghanaian movies.

In-case you haven’t seen, take a look at the photo below and identify the owner of that butt!

agya koo butt Oddity: Agya Koo denies butt shot!!!

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