Margaret Thatcher Funeral: More Details Expected

Margaret Thatcher

Further details about Baroness Thatcher’s funeral are expected later.

Invitations are expected to be issued for next Wednesday’s ceremony at St Paul’s Cathedral, with the Queen and Prince Philip already confirmed.

On Wednesday, MPs were recalled from their Easter break for a seven-hour Commons debate about Lady Thatcher.

PM David Cameron said she “overcame the great challenges of her age” while Labour leader Ed Miliband said he disagreed “with much of what she did”.

Guests who have said they will be attending the former Conservative leader‘s funeral include ex-Labour prime ministers Tony Blair and Gordon Brown, as well as FW de Klerk, the last president of apartheid in South Africa.

While Conservative MPs queued up in the Commons to pay their respects to Lady Thatcher – who was prime minister from 1979 to 1990 – about half of Labour’s 256 MPs stayed away.

The Lords also held a debate on Lady Thatcher with her former Cabinet ministers Lord Fowler and Lord Tebbit among those paying tribute.

The Guardian has reported that Commons Speaker John Bercow was taken aback by Mr Cameron’s request to recall Parliament because he thought tributes could be paid on Monday, when MPs were due to return.

A lengthy wrangle ensued with Mr Cameron enlisting the support of Mr Miliband to overcome opposition to the move, the paper reports.

Mr Cameron’s plan to cancel Prime Minister’s Questions next Wednesday and for the Commons to sit later is also likely to be questioned, it adds.

Meanwhile, the Foreign Office has said “an administrative error” led to inaccurate guidance being issued to diplomatic staff in embassies around the world after it was reported they had been told to wear mourning clothes on the day of the funeral.

They were later told it was unnecessary.

Source: BBC

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