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PHOTOS: Funny Face Introduces “Dabo Dabo” Dance

Ghanaian comedian cum musician, Funny Face has invented into the showbiz industry a new dance which may be known as the “Dabo dabo” dance.

As the new craze that would be replacing widely known ‘Azonto’, the dance moves comes in full HD display when the video for his newly recorded track “Dabo Dabo” in which he featured Kese and D2 is released.

Funny Face is currently shooting the video for the single track that will be the first out of his ‘Animal Kingdom’ album.

To kick-start his professional music career, ‘dabo dabo’ will lead the way with other interesting acts tagging along.

Check out the photos below and start practicing; ‘Dabo dabo’!


funny f

Don’t forget to check back later for the exclusive ‘dabo dabo‘ video

Listen to the full track here


The Author: Jonas Nyabor is a student, blogger and youth activist. Follow him on twitter @jnyabor

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