HIV Patients Want Gov’t Subsidy for Imune Assist Drug

HIV patients want gov't subsidy for Imune Assist drugA group by name “Allow Us Live Without Fear,” is calling on President John Mahama to help subsidize Imune Assist, a medicine which has been proven to help People Living With HIV(PLWH) maintain a good immune balance to fight against HIV/ AIDS.

The group maintained that Imune Assist has helped to prolong the lives of most of its members who by no fault of theirs, have come into contact with the Human Imuno Deficiency Virus which so far has no proven cure.

According to a member who wants to be known as Adjoa Mansah, she has been on the drug for 12 years, which has increased her CD4 count.

She maintained that even though she is still aware of her HIV positive status, she was confident she will die a natural death and not as a result of HIV.

“The drug is too expensive you cannot buy let alone buy for a poor friend suffering from the same HIV as you. You would realize that people deteriorate faster and possibly die because they are poor and cannot afford a square meal a day not to talk of buying Imune Assist.”

“HIV patients must always eat balanced diet to maintain a good immune system and yet government has turned a blind eye to these nutritional problems which impede the appropriate control of HIV and AIDS.”

Allow Us Live Without Fear is therefore calling on the government to investigate and ascertain for itself the potency and viability of the Imune Assist so that it can subsidize it for HIV/AIDS patients.

Immune Assist is imported into the country by Coscharis Ghana Limited.

The drug which has high content of mushrooms and a natural product relative to Ghana, is known to heal the immune system and control diseases like HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis B.


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