Anas Exposes Church In Newest Investigation, “The Messiah Of Mentunkwa”

Anas Aremeyaw Anas Out Again; Reveals Lack of Law Enforcement Award-winning investigative journalist Anas Aremeyaw who has over the last few years named and shamed corrupt and wicked persons across the globe through indisputable audiovisual evidence is set to release his latest work, “The Messiah of Mentunkwa”

In this revealing piece, the Ghanaian investigative journalist posing as Joseph Christ at Mentunkwa’s ‘The End Day Temple; exposes defilement in the church; an action members see as fulfillment of prophesy.

In the church where children are beaten, denied school, forced into marriage and so on as preparation for the End Time, it is clear Anas is poised to expose the ‘fake prophets’ behind these barbaric actions.

Exclusive photos from this intriguing exposé will be published in Wednesday’s (10th April) New Crusading Guide.

This, of human rights abuse and many other exposés will soon air on TV so the entire populace and watch it.

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