Dede Ayew Abused in France

dede-ayewSupporters of racially abusive club Nice hurled insults at the Marseille player falling on Sunday’s south coast derby Which Marseille won 1-0.

Despite pleas by Nice’s director of security, Ayew, 23, was abused falling on his team’s 1-0 victory, while press photographers Were Threatened and spat at by fans in the second half.

The French League match APÉNDICE Have Submitted a report to the Disciplinary Committee of the France Football Federation over the incident Involving the Ghana international

If the report is taken into account, will be punished Nice and if the punishment is lenient FIFA Could Intervene to give stiffer penalties to the French club.

This comes as a shock to the football world as France is Regarded as a country That has-been racially Conducive for Black people with all the teams in the country HAVING black players or players of color.

This comes just days after FIFA set to an Anti-Discrimination Taskforce to help clamp down on the cancer Particularly Affecting the game in Europe.

With Kevin Prince Boateng, a close friend of Andre Ayew, a member of the FIFA Anti-Discrimination Taskforce, a passionate plead for a strong punishment against Nice Could be advocated.

Before the game, fans set off flares home and homemade explosives as the Marseille team coach arrived.

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