US: Professor Kills Himself After Being Caught In Sex Scandal

photoA university professor killed himself after being caught up in a catfish scam which saw him sending sexually explicit pictures of himself to someone he thought was a minor.

Texas A&M’s James Arnt Aune, 59, jumped from a campus parking garage Jan. 8 after a relative of the underage Louisiana girl he was contacting tried to blackmail him for $5,000.

Aune sent his alleged tormentor — Daniel Timothy Duplaisir, 37 — a text message just minutes before his death which said: “Killing myself now. And u will be prosecuted for blackmail.”

Police say Duplaisir took unclad pictures and videos of his young relative and created a page on the social-networking

Using a fake name, and the email address, he targeted several men — obtaining their phone numbers and sending them the graphic content.

Then, he would call his alleged victims — pretending to be the girl’s outraged father — and demand payment of thousands of dollars to cover the cost of her counseling. reports Duplaisir wanted married Houston father-of-two Aune, who was also chair of the school’s Department of Communications, to pay him $5,000.

An FBI affidavit revealed he threatened to call police and his employers if his demands were not met.

Aune, who told his wife in mid-December he was being blackmailed, allegedly handed him $1,000 and promised to send more money later on in the month, the document added.

Duplaisir, charged in 2011 with aggravated inc*st and oral s*xual battery for allegedly abusing the same female relative he used in the scam, was indicted last week.

He is due to be arraigned in federal court Tuesday on a charge of using a phone and the Internet to extort money from Aune.

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