EPA to Launch Source Waste Segregation Pilot Programme in Accra

EPA to launch Source Waste Segregation pilot programme in AccraThe Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) said it was ready to launch a pilot programme on Source Waste Segregation (SWS) in the Ministries area of Accra by the end of April this year.

Under SWS programme waste would be separated into its components at source such as paper, plastic and organic to facilitate easy recycling, which would help reduce the total volume of waste disposed at landfills.

Mr Godson Cudjoe Voado, the Coordinator of the Programme made the remarks during the Third Major Committee Meeting on National Source Waste Segregation Programme in Accra on Friday.

He said a total of 42 institutions had being identified by the Agency comprising Ministries, Agencies, and Departments (MDAs); all in the Ministries enclave for the Programme.

He explained that under the programme three 60-litre capacity bins would be provided on each floor of the various MDAs with colour green for organic, blue for plastics and brown for paper and other wastes products.

He further said their contents would then be emptied into their corresponding colour 240-litre capacity bins to be placed in the yards of the MDAs.

Mr Voado said waste bins would then be emptied by waste management companies accordingly.

He said they have requested for 200 pieces of 240-litre capacity bins and 600 pieces of 60-litre capacity bins from ZoomLion Company Ltd.

He acknowledged that they have already taken delivery of 200 pieces of the 240-litre capacity bins from the Company.

Mr George N. K. Rockson of ZoomLion Company Ltd said they were ready to supply EPA with the required number of dust bins for the project.

Mr Samuel Anku, EPA Deputy Executive Secretary said the programme would soon be replicated in schools and district assembles.

Mrs Cindy Badoe, Head of Built Environment Department of the EPA said the Agency was ready to embark on sensitization programmes for all MDAs in the pilot project enclave.

Mrs Gifty Tetteh of the Ministry of Energy urged the Project Committee to ensure that the right bin colours were used for the SWS project and where possible labelling could be added to it.

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