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‘Brukina’ Is Nutritious – Food and Drugs Authority Official

brukinaEarly commuters in Ghana now have little worry over getting breakfast before reaching their various work places. This is mainly due to the advent of some ‘mobile’ breakfasts sold on the streets of Accra. ‘Brukina’ is one of them and evidently is fast growing in demand by all and sundry.
Made mainly of cow milk and millet, the drink is believed to have originated from Ghana’s neighboring country bordered at the North, Burkina Faso and is undoubtedly becoming a favorite to many.
This has generated lots of concern especially amongst the ‘hygiene-conscious’ public and indeed officials of the Food and Drugs Authority.
The drink’s quality, nutritional benefits, health impacts etc. are some of the questions raised.

Though there are no laid down regulations as to their production and sale in Ghana yet, the Food and Drugs Authority hopes to set standards and ensure the consuming public are not at risk consuming the ‘delicacy’.

In a radio interview Mr. Kofi Essel, an official of the Food and Drugs Authority said ‘Brukina’ was nutritious and that his outfit is in the process of ensuring the product is produced and served under hygienic conditions.

He stated that they have so far successfully got producers to use new bottles or containers rather than used ones. Having labels with the expiry dates of the product stated on it are other successes the Authority have chalked in getting the drink standardized.

Mr. Essel added that the drink had a 24-hour expiry period after production and advised consumers to take note of the expiry date before consumption.

“People must consider who and where they buy the drink from because we cannot fully monitor who sells them; their appearance and so on.

The issue of the safety of this drink a shared responsibility,” he said.

So next time you find yourself on the streets of Accra and think you need something to sooth your dry throat or perhaps quench your test, more so buy you extra time with hunger, feel free to scream ‘brukina’ and have that special treat.

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