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Concerned Clergy Lauds Prez Mahama’s Israel Pilgrimage

The Concernclergyed Clergy Association of Ghana has lauded Government’s initiative to send some pastors on a spiritual trip to the holy land of Israel.

According to the Concerned Clergy, the trip is crucial because it would benefit the Pastors and the country.

Below is the statement:-

We are aware of the many discussions that went on during the Presidency of Professor Mills to make Pilgrimage to Israel an annual event to give pastors and Christian leaders the firsthand experience of their faith and strengthen their spirituality.

The role of Govt as we knew in all the various discussions was to help get individual or corporate bodies to sponsor such an event because of the number of pastors that desire to make the trip but find it very challenging.

Even though pilgrimage to Israel has not been a doctrinal practice among christians, teachers of Eschatology (the study of the end times) know that it’s prophetic impact and benefit for the church in these end times cannot be underestimated.

Private individuals are already organizing such trips but mostly for commercial purposes rather the national or kingdom interest that is why we welcome the role of Government in getting people to help, we are aware of various individuals and Christian corporate bodies that are contributing and this must be encouraged. Laud

In the run up to the 2012 elections some of the political parties that had the opportunity of meeting the clergy saw the importance of this pilgrimage and affirmed their commitment to its institution in the country.

The letter inviting the councils to submit the names of people for the trip stated that the “GOVERNMENT HAS SECURED FUNDING” and this is a pilot program after which assessment will be made for subsequent trips in the future.

THE CONCERNED CLERGY ASSOCIATION OF GHANA take this opportunity to call on many more Christian individuals and corporate bodies to join in this laudable spiritual initiative to get more pastors make the trip.

We have taken note of some comments by members of various Christian bodies, we believe that if there is any difficulty about its organizations the various council members can meet with govt. to fine tune it to suit their expectations.

It is important the govt play some role if there is going to be such mass movement of pastors from one country to another.



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