Facts About The 266th Pope; Francis I

popeAfter two (2) days of the 2013 Papal conclave, 115 cardinals have successfully chosen a Pope in the person of Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio. From Argentina, he becomes the first Pope to be chosen outside Europe. He is alleged to be the runner-up (second) when cardinals met to elect a Pope in an election his predecessor Pope Benedict won.

He chose the name ‘Francis’; becomes known as Pope Francis I, a name chosen to honour Francis of Assisi. Pope Francis I is described by many as the Pope with a ‘human touch’ and has a very conservative theological views just like Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI.

His first public prayer after been announced Pope was for Pope Emeritus Benedict. He called on the thousands of people who gathered to see him to pray for him.

‘Simple Lifestyle’

A simple lifestyle has contributed to his reputation for humility. He lives in a small apartment, rather than in the palatial bishop’s residence. He gave up his chauffeured limousine in favour of public transport and reportedly cooks his own meals.

‘Strong Views’

The Pope seen by many as modest and gentle has strong views on same-sex marriage, abortion, euthanasia and so on. It is recorded that he called his clergy and laity to oppose same-sex marriage which has been legalized in his home country Argentina.

Many are optimistic he would ensure sexual abuses and related offenses that have been spoken of some catholic ministers in recent times would be stopped.

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