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Kenyatta Wins Kenya Presidency But Faces Serious Aftermath Challenges

certWith official end in counting and subsequent declaration of candidate Uhuru Kenyatta as president-elect of the Republic of Kenya, it seem unclear the turnout of future events in the nation.

Close adviser to candidate Raila Odinga, Salim Lone has hinted that they (Orange Democratic Movement) wouldn’t conceede defeat. He added that they will move to “the courts immediately”.

With an estimated 70% voter turnout, Kenyatta of the Jubilee Coalition Party garnered about 6,173,433 votes representing 50.7% as against main opponent Odinga’s 5,340,546 votes.

Total valid votes cast was estimated to be 12,338,667.

Kenyatta’s slim win of over 50% of votes cast won him the election.

Kenyatta, right after delcaration came out to express his gratitude to Kenyans for their votes saying he was “proud and honoured” over the election results. He has since collected his winner certificate and updated his twitter profile to suite his new status as “president-elect”.

Prior to the declaration of results, several people had raised concerns as to the authenticity and fairness of the electoral process especially as the electronic counting was halted due to a system crash and was done manually.

Uhuru Kenyatta may face difficult times in his governance especially in terms of Western relations as he faces trial at the International Criminal Court (ICC) in July for crimes against humanity.

His Deputy, William Ruto also faces similar charges and is set to appear before the court in May.

Both men have denied the allegations.

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