We Didn’t Know Conjoined Twins Shared Intestines – KATH Surgeons

Surgeons at the Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital (KATH) have disclosed to RadioXYZonline.com that they failed to determine that the conjoined twins shared some bowels.

The twins died hours after a team of seventeen surgeons separated them after a nine hour operation.

One had complications with a hole-in heart condition while the other was in critical condition.

The hospital may do a post-mortem on Friday as it begins to probe what led to the death of the babies.

According to a Pediatric Surgeon at the hospital, Frank Serebour, the conjoined twins shared some intestines which made the operation very complicated.

“At a point we were even struggling to know whether they had the same bowels or separate bowels and I think at surgery they realized that there were some bowels that were being shared” he noted.

However, I think the surgery went well, but sometimes after surgery the issues about post surgical care is also another thing all together.

“Sometimes both anticipated and unanticipated complications come in and you end up losing the babies”.

The General Secretary of the Ghana Medical Association also added that the doctors took a bold step to decide that there was the need for the separation to happen.

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