[PRESS RELEASE] South Africa: Suspend Police Officers in Death of Taxi Driver

Driver killedThe IFP calls for the urgent suspension of police officers involved in the death of a taxi driver in Daveyton, who was dragged behind a police vehicle for approximately 500 metres.

IFP Spokesperson on Police, Mr Velaphi Ndlovu MP said, “It is unconscionable that law enforcement officers are involved in criminal activities, not only by encouraging acts of mob justice, but also by giving members of the public cause to further distrust the police.”

Ndlovu also stated that, “The IPID should conclude their investigation into this incident urgently and ensure that those officers who carried out this act are criminally charged. Any officer involved should be suspended immediately.”

The IFP calls upon the Minister of Police and the National Police Commissioner to also urgently intervene by conducting their own internal investigation into this matter.

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