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Nigeria: Man Sentenced To 20 Years In Jail For Killing His Father

Court GavelAn Asaba High Court, yesterday sentenced a 30-year-old farmer, Opukeme George to 20 years imprisonment for killing his father on Christmas eve.

The convict, who hails from Tuomo town in Bomadi local government area of DeltaState, was found guilty of killing his father, Kosine George with a cutlass following quarrel that broke out between them over missing fish.

He told the court that he killed the father on December 24, 2011, due to provocation, saying that it was the father that attacked him first when he (son) demanded to know the whereabouts of the two pieces of fish that he kept.

Prosecution called one witness to prove its case while the covict testified for himself.
Presiding Judge, Justice M.O. Omovie stated that “in the final analysis after reading the written submissions by both counsel, I hold that the accused is guilty of manslaughter. I hereby convict you for manslaughter.”

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